Manhattan Skyline (band)

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Manhattan Skyline
OriginOslo, Norway
GenresMathcore,[1] hardcore[2]
Years active2002–present
LabelsAudio Is a War, Fysisk Format
MembersEven Bekkedal
Hans Marius Midtgarden
Fredrik Melby
Steffen Sæther-Larsen
Sigurd Mæle

Manhattan Skyline is a Norwegian mathcore band based in Oslo, Norway.[1][3] They are influenced by metal, hardcore, contemporary music, jazz, fusion and electronica.

After their performance at the 2005 Bodø Hardcore festival, The Faceless Masses website praised them as "one of the fastest and most technical bands in Norway today." After releasing an EP, they began recording a full-length debut album which was intended for an early 2007 release, but due to illness within the band, this release was postponed until 2008.


Manhattan Skyline was formed in Oslo in 2002 by drummer Steffen Sæther-Larsen, guitarist Fredrik Melby and vocalist Hans Marius Midtgarden. Subsequently, members of Kaospilot, Slingshot Idol, The Break Quintet, and Next Life joined and left.

In October 2003, they recorded their debut EP, Tarantula Arms, a 3" MCD of seven songs featuring off-time rhythm patterns.

Upon the departure of bassist Anders Braut Simonsen and guitarist Christian Johansen, the band used several part-time bassists while searching for a permanent member. A long search resulted in the selection of Sigurd Mæle.

Jørgen Waag began playing bass with the band and then played guitar for approximately a year before leaving. Following his departure, Even Bekkedal, formerly with In Dialogue With Radiometer, joined the band.

Manhattan Skyline contributed a song called "A) Spitting Milk or B) Swallow or Drown" to React With Protest's Emo Armageddon 7" compilation, which was released in February 2005 and included bands such as Funeral Diner, The Birds Are Spies They Report to the Trees, Suis La Lune, and Catena Collapse. Throughout 2005 and the beginning of 2006, the band was also writing and arranging new songs for their first full-length album.


Current members as of 2007
  • Hans Marius Midtgarden - vocals
  • Fredrik Melby - guitar
  • Even Bekkedal - guitar
  • Sigurd Mæle - bass
  • Steffen Sæther-Larsen - drums
Former members
  • Anders Braut Simonsen - bass
  • Jørgen Waag - guitar, bass
  • Christian Johansen - guitar
  • Hai Nguyen - bass


Released Title Label Type
October, 2008 Curses Fysisk Format Album
October, 2003 Tarantula Arms Audio Is a War EP
February 11, 2005 V/A Emo Apocalypse React With Protest 12" compilation featuring "A) Spitting Milk or B) Swallow or Drown"


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