Maniacal Renderings

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Maniacal Renderings
Maniacal Renderings.jpg
Studio album by Jon Oliva's Pain
Released 1 September 2006
Recorded 2005
Genre Heavy metal
Length 57:47
Label AFM Records (AFM 129-2)
Producer Jon Oliva, Greg Marchak, Christopher Kinder
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Maniacal Renderings
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Maniacal Renderings is a 2006 release by Jon Oliva's Pain. It was their first full-length studio recording released for new label, AFM Records.

The album features material and riffs recorded by Jon's late brother, Criss Oliva. Oliva says that he moves around a lot and his wife found a box of old cassette tapes inside a shoebox, with Criss's handwriting on it. Jon says that during their days in Savatage, the two would write, practice and record music, then swap so they could finish each other's songs. Jon says that there is plenty of material from the box that could be used in future works.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Through the Eyes of the King" Jon Oliva, John Zahner, Matt LaPorte, Kevin Rothney, Christopher Kinder 4:35
2. "Maniacal Renderings" Jon Oliva, Criss Oliva, John Zahner, Matt LaPorte 7:44
3. "The Evil Beside You" Jon Oliva, Criss Oliva, John Zahner, Kevin Rothney 4:50
4. "Time to Die" Jon Oliva, Criss Oliva, Matt LaPorte 4:25
5. "The Answer" Jon Oliva 5:37
6. "Push It to the Limit" Jon Oliva, Kevin Rothney 3:01
7. "Who's Playing God" Jon Oliva 4:16
8. "Timeless Flight" Jon Oliva, Criss Oliva, Matt LaPorte 6:53
9. "Holes" Jon Oliva 5:10
10. "End Times" Jon Oliva 7:50
11. "Still I Pray for You Now" Jon Oliva 3:17


Additional Musicians[edit]

  • Tony Oliva – 12 string guitar (on "Still I Pray for You Now")
  • Anthony Oliva – bass guitar (on "Still I Pray for You Now")
  • Christopher J. Oliva – acoustic guitar (on "Still I Pray for You Now"), lead guitar (on "Reality's Fool")

Further Credits[edit]

  • Produced by Jon Oliva, Greg Marchak and Christopher Kinder
  • Recorded by Greg Marchak at Audio Lab Studios, Tampa, FL
  • Mixed by Greg Marchak and Jim Morris at Morrisound Studios, Tampa, FL., Assisted by Jason Blackerby
  • Engineered by Tom Morris, Christopher Kinder and Jason Blackerby
  • Mastered by Greg Marchak and Kim Faulkenberry at Audio Lab Studios, Tampa, FL.
  • Digital editing by Wes Price at Polysound
  • Front and back cover artwork by Thomas Ewerhard
  • Cover photography by Steffi Veenstra
  • Booklet design by Kathy Tijou, assisted by Leia Tijou