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Manikkodi issue dated 3 December 1934
Editor-in-chief Stalin Srinivasan
Staff writers P. G. Sundararajan,
C. S. Chellappa,
Categories Non-fiction
Frequency Weekly
First issue 1933
Final issue 1939
Country British India
Based in Madras
Language Tamil

Manikkodi was a Tamil non-fiction literary weekly[1] that was published from 1933 to 1939.[2] Founded by Stalin Srinivasan, V. Ramaswami and T. S. Chockalingam, the magazine was noted for its expertly-written articles and gave birth to the Manikkodi Literary Movement. The magazine launched the careers of newcomers like C. S. Chellappa, Puthumaipithan, and Chitti who have earned acclaim as literary greats.


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