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Manitoba Day is the official anniversary of the founding of the Canadian province of Manitoba. It is celebrated on May 12. Manitoba Day 2010 represented the province's 140th "birthday", and was officially celebrated in Neepawa, Manitoba.[1] A substitute Manitoba Day was celebrated in Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics on February 25, 2010.[2]

The Manitoba Act received Royal Assent on May 12, 1870. This Act created the province of Manitoba, which was officially incorporated into Canadian Confederation on July 15. Manitoba's official flag was dedicated and raised for the first time on May 12, 1966. Because of the double importance of May 12 in the history of the province, in 1986 the Government of Manitoba designated it Manitoba Day.[3][4] Despite the official government celebrations, a 2009 survey by Prairie Research found that less than 4% of people surveyed were aware of the importance of May 12 in the province's history.[5] It is also not a General Holiday and does not mean that Manitobans have the day off work or school. [6]


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