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Manley Burke
Industry Law
Founded 1979[1]
Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
Services Civil Litigation
Number of employees
Website Manley Burke

Manley Burke is a legal professional association which publishes the Fraternal Law newsletter that deals with law related to North American fraternities and sororities.[1]

Practice Areas[edit]

Manley Burke practices complex civil litigation in areas including fraternities and sororities, civil rights, zoning, eminent domain, education, and local government.[2]

Anti-Hazing Hotline[edit]

Twenty-one North American fraternities and sororities have joined forces to establish a Greek Anti-Hazing Hotline. Students who believe they may be or become victims of hazing may call, anonymously if they choose, the hotline which is monitored by Manley Burke. Norval Stephens of the Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation led the effort to establish the hotline.[3]

Fraternal Law[edit]

Manley Burke publishes and distributes the Fraternal Law newsletter which covers subject areas including housing, alcohol abuse, hazing, and taxes.[4]


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