Manoel Ceia Laranjeira

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Dom Manoel Ceia Laranjeira
Bishop, Patriarch of Free Catholic Church
ChurchFree Catholic Church
Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church
In office1951 - 1994
PredecessorSalomão Barbosa Ferraz
SuccessorLapercio Eudes Moreira
by Carlos Duarte Costa
Consecration29 June 1951
by Carlos Duarte Costa
Personal details
Died1994 (aged 90-91)
DenominationIndependent Catholicism

Manoel Ceia Laranjeira (1903–1994) was a Brazilian Bishop of the Independent Catholicism movement, particularly the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church.


Laranjeira was in Brazil at an unknown date in 1903. He was ordained a priest and consecrated a Roman Catholic bishop, where he was still active until the early 1990s.

Manoel Ceia Laranjeira converted to the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church and was ordained a priest by excommunicated Roman Catholic Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa in 1947. He was consecrated Bishop by Salomão Barbosa Ferraz (who become Roman Catholic Bishop later) in 1951; after Salomão Barbosa Ferraz's submission to the Vatican, Laranjeira led the Brazilian Free Catholic Church as Ferraz's successor and renamed the movement the Independent Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil, which was officially registered on August 25, 1966.

Laranjeira died at an unknown date on 1994 from an unknown cause. He was succeeded by Dom Lapercio Eudes Moreira and in turn by the current head of the movement, Dom Paulo Ferreira Da Silva as Patriarch and Dom Roberto Garrido Padin as Diocesan Bishop of Salvador de Bahia.