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Manshu may refer to:

  • Manshu (Traditional Chinese: 蠻書; Simplified Chinese: 蛮书; pinyin: mánshū; English meaning "Barbarous Document" or, roughly, "The Book on the Southern Tribes"), a 9th-century Chinese text by Fan Chuo which describes Nanzhao (modern Yunnan), its peoples and affairs (Wikisource Translation)
  • Su Manshu (1884–1918), Chinese writer, poet, painter, revolutionist, and translator
  • Manshū (満州), Japanese for Manchuria
  • Manchuria Airplane Manufacturing Company (満州国飛行機製造株式会社, Manshūkoku Hikōki Seizo Kabushiki Kaisha) (AKA Manshū or Mansyû), active in the 1930s and 1940s
    • Manshū Hayabusa, an airliner made by Manchukuo Aircraft Company in the late 1930s
  • Manchuria Aviation Company (満州航空株式会社, Manshū Kōkū Kabushiki Kaisha), the Manchukuo national airline 1931/32–45
  • Manshu-in (AKA Manshuin Monzeki), a Tendai temple located near the Shugakuin Imperial Villa at Sakyō-ku, Ichijo-ji, Takenouchi-cho, in northeast Kyoto, Japan.
  • "Manshu Musume" (Japanese for "Manchurian Girl"), a Japanese hit song in 1938

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