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New Zealand's Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori (Māori Language Commission) is an autonomous crown entity set up under the Māori Language Act 1987 with the following functions:

(a) To initiate, develop, co-ordinate, review, advise upon, and assist in the implementation of policies, procedures, measures, and practices designed to give effect to the declaration in section 3 of this Act of the Māori language as an official language of New Zealand:
(b) Generally to promote the Māori language, and, in particular, its use as a living language and as an ordinary means of communication:
(c) The functions conferred on the Commission by sections 15 to 20 of this Act in relation to certificates of competency in the Māori language:
(d) To consider and report to the Minister upon any matter relating to the Māori language that the Minister may from time to time refer to the Commission for its advice:
(e) Such other functions as may be conferred upon the Commission by any other enactment.

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