Mapire, Peninsula de Paria

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Quick facts[edit]

  • Population: 120 inhabitants
  • Demonym: Maripero
  • Currency: Bolívar fuerte (VEF)
  • Economy : Fishing and Tourism
  • Time zone: (GMT -4)
  • Calling code: 0294
  • zip code: 6150
  • Coordinates:10° 38' 26" North, 62° 8' 58" West
  • Official language: Spanish
  • Mayor: Jesus Ramirez Lopez
  • Patron Saint: Coronation of Virgen del Valle - May 31

Mapire is a town situated in the Bideau Parish of the Valdez Municipality, Sucre, Venezuela. The town is situated 24 kilometers from Guiria, the capital of Valdez, on the Paria Peninsula.


  • Mapire Beach

This beautiful cove is a settlement of several fishermen families, and has a small river that supplies the population with water. This bay is open towards the south; the beach is 100 meters long.

Ubication: In the south coast of the Paria Peninsula, 4 kilometers to the west of Puerto de Hierro.

  • original name: Mapire
  • geographical location: Valdez, Sucre, Venezuela, South America
  • geographical coordinates: 10° 38' 26" North, 62° 8' 58" West


The story told by José Stronghold Logan (historian, singer, poet and farmer), says that were families Garcia, Gonzalez. Villava and Blanc, the first inhabitants of the town, dedicated to working the land, specifically the cultivation of cocoa.

How to get there[edit]

Mapire is reached from Guiria by sea route an hour (by boat or otherwise) or via land road vehicles suitable for large and small, to Salina, Campo santo, Juan Pedro and other coastal hamlets


Mapire has a stunning beach, in harmony with mountain ranges, slopes encarpadas itself wrapped by a mountain climate. In Mapire its inhabitants are divided into two sectors. La Playa (beach) and El Cerro (the hill). in the beach fishing of (snapper, mullet, Moor, etc.) is performed, woodworking (making fishing boats) and dry cocoa produced in the estates. In the Hill have settled most of the families find the school, the chapel of the town and the river Mapire, water source and meeting area for residents.

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