Maple Leaf Creek

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Maple Leaf Creek
Country United States
State Michigan
Region Upper Peninsula
District Ontonagon County
 - coordinates 46°33′34″N 89°19′24″W / 46.559444°N 89.323333°W / 46.559444; -89.323333
 - coordinates 46°33′15″N 89°17′00″W / 46.554111°N 89.2832°W / 46.554111; -89.2832Coordinates: 46°33′15″N 89°17′00″W / 46.554111°N 89.2832°W / 46.554111; -89.2832

Maple Leaf Creek is located in McMillan Township of Michigan's Ontonagon County in the Upper Peninsula. The creek has its origin in Section 17 of the township, and winds its way through Sections 16 and 15, flowing into the South Branch Ontonagon River, about 113 miles north of the community of Ewen.


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