Mara (torrent)

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Torrente Mara
Country Switzerland, Italy
Basin features
Main source Monte Sighignola (Lanzo d'Intelvi)
1,200 m (3,900 ft)
River mouth Lago di Lugano (Maroggia)
Physical characteristics
Length 8 km (5 mi)

The Mara is an 8-kilometre (5 mi) Italian stream (or torrente) of Insubria, which runs through the Italian Province of Como and the Swiss Canton Ticino. It rises on the slopes of Monte Sighignola and enters Lake Lugano at Maroggia.

Despite the small size of its drainage basin the river is able to provide a source of hydro-electricity through a power station belonging to the Aziende industriali di Lugano.

The Mara’s water level is liable to rapid and unpredictable augmentation following sudden storms.

Coordinates: 45°56′00″N 8°58′05″E / 45.9333°N 8.9681°E / 45.9333; 8.9681