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Marc Herring is a Multimedia Artist and the CEO-Executive Producer of Herring Media Group,[1] an international communications, design and production agency. Marc's clients have included: Live Earth / Washington DC with Al Gore, Yahoo! Inc., The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, SFMOMA, The Smithsonian Institution, ILM / Lucas Digital Ltd., Lexus, RadioShack, Procter & Gamble and most major broadcast networks and international advertising agencies. His work has been extensively covered by the international news media and presented in museums and universities throughout the world.

Marc has collaborated with Mickey Hart, Jerry Garcia, R.E.M., and many other performing artists in the creation of live events and touring concerts. In 1993, in partnership with Gannett and FCB, he developed the first international system of Projection Media installations as part of an Out of Home advertising network. Other pioneering achievements in the arts and advertising include producing the first television commercial created on board the International Space Station, organizing worldwide broadcast coverage of the reentry of the MIR space station and temporarily illuminating vast landscapes with live, digital multimedia projections. In March, 2008 Marc's environmental media installation for the Yahoo! Time Capsule project was accepted by Smithsonian Folkways for future academic study.

Marc's current projects include the design and installation of high-rise Architectural Media installations in Times Square, international concert and broadcast production, and the development of cultural heritage programs and commissions for advanced media installations. As part of FotoWeek DC, Marc annually designs and produces a heroic exhibition of projections called Night Gallery DC. The program features the large scale display of photography and digital imagery curated from the collections of museums and photographers from around the world. Marc also staged environmental media works for the re-opening of the National Museum of American History and the debut of the Illuminated Oculus at the National Museum of the American Indian. Marc recently collaborated on the programming of the NMAI for the 44th Presidential Inauguration Celebration and provides consultation to NASA and other federal government agencies.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]

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