Marc de Beauvau, Prince of Craon

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Marc de Beauvau
Prince of Craon
1711 Portrait of Marc de Beauvau, "Prince of Craon" (1679-1754) by Hyacinthe Rigaud (Musée Lorrain).jpg
Portrait by Hyacinthe Rigaud, 1711
Born(1679-04-29)29 April 1679
Nancy, Duchy of Lorraine
Died10 March 1754(1754-03-10) (aged 74)
FatherLouis de Beauvau
MotherAnne de Ligny

François Vincent Marc de Beauvau, (29 April 1679 - 10 March 1754), Prince de Beauvau-Craon, was a Lorrainese nobleman and viceroy of Tuscany.


Born in Nancy, the capital of the Duchy of Lorraine, he was the son of Louis, Marquis de Beauvau (1638–1703) and his second wife, Anne de Ligny.

On 16 December 1704 he married Anne Marguerite de Lignéville (1686–1772) at Lunéville. They had eight sons and 12 daughters. His wife Anne Marguerite was the mistress of his sovereign, Leopold, Duke of Lorraine.

Grand Duchy of Tuscany[edit]

He was governor of the regency council of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany for Grand Duke Francesco, later Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor, who had been declared successor of the last Medici ruler in the Treaty of Vienna. He administrated for this prince from 1737 to 1754, with the title of viceroy.


Having inherited the marquisate of Beauvau in Lorraine, he was created marquis de Craon on 21 August 1712 by Louis XIV of France.

On 13 November 1722 he became an honorary prince of the Holy Roman Empire under the title "Prince von Beauvau-Craon".

On 8 May 1727 he was made a grandee of Spain of the first class by Philip V, his son, Charles Juste, being admitted to the Honneurs de la Cour in Paris with the princely title in 1755.[1]


The eight sons and 12 daughters are:

  1. Élisabeth Charlotte de Beauvau (1705–1754) married Charles Ferdinand François de La Baume, Marquis de Saint-Martin, no issue;
  2. Anne Marguerite Gabrielle de Beauvau (1707–1790) married Jacques Henri of Lorraine, Prince de Mortagne(-sur-Gironde), no issue ; married Gaston Pierre Charles de Lévis, Duke de Mirepoix, no issue;
  3. Gabrielle Françoise de Beauvau (1708–1758) married Gabriel Alexandre d'Alsace de Henin-Liétard, Prince de Chimay, no issue;
  4. Marie Philippe Tècle de Beauvau (1709–1748) Canoness, never married;
  5. Nicolas Simon Jude de Beauvau (1710–1734), Abbé de Craon, never married,
  6. Marie Françoise Catherine de Beauvau-Craon (1711–1787) married Louis François de Boufflers, Marquis d'Amestranges, no issue ;
  7. François Vincent Marc de Beauvau (1713–1742), Primat de Lorraine, never married;
  8. Léopold Clément de Beauvau (1714–1723) knight of the Order of Malta
  9. Marie Louise Eugénie de Beauvau (1715–1734) Abbesss of Epinal
  10. Henriette Augustine (1716--) never married;
  11. Charlotte Nicole de Beauvau (1717–1787) who married Léopold Clément de Bassompierre, no issue;
  12. Charles Juste de Beauvau (1720–1793) married Marie Sophie Charlotte de La Tour d'Auvergne daughter of Emmanuel Theodose de La Tour d'Auvergne, sovereign Duke of Bouillon and Louise Henriette Francoise de Lorraine and had issue; married Marie-Charlotte-Sylvie de Rohan, no issue;
  13. Ferdinand Jerôme de Beauvau, Marquis de Haroué (1723–1790) married Louise Etienne Desmier d'Archiac and had issue.
  14. Gabrielle Charlotte de Beauvau (1724–1790) never married;
  15. Alexandre, Marquis de Craon (1725–1745) died at the Battle of Fontenoy;


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