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Marc de Vries.

M.J. (Marc) de Vries (born 1958, Haarlem), is professor of Reformational Philosophy at the Delft University of Technology.[1]


Marc de Vries studied physics at the Free University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and graduated in 1982 on the subject: dissolving problems in physical education. In 1988 he got his promotion at the Eindhoven University of Technology on the subject: technology in physical education.

He was a teacher in Physics at a school in Papendrecht (1982-1983). In 1983-1984 he was a teacher in Physics, Mathematics and Didactics at the Institute for Teacher Education, Eindhoven University of Pedagogical Technology (PTH). Thereafter, 1984-1988, he was as researcher in Physics and Technology education allied to the Eindhoven University of Technology. In 1988 he was guest researcher at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Technology Education Programme. In 1988-1991 he was head of the Technology Education department (teachers' educations program) at the Eindhoven University of Pedagogical Technology. In 1990 he began as an assistant professor in Philosophy and methodology of technology (now: Philosophy and ethics of technology) at the Eindhoven University of Technology (chair of Prof. Anthonie Meijers).

M.J. de Vries is currently professor of Reformational Philosophy at the Delft University of Technology and thereby succeeded Prof.Dr. Egbert Schuurman of the Association for Reformational Philosophy. He is currently the editor in chief of The International Journal for Technology and Design Education.

Selected publications[edit]

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