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Jules Marcel de Coppet (born 18 May 1881 in Paris – died 1968 in Quiberville, France) was a French colonial administrator stationed in several countries in Africa before becoming governor-general of French West Africa.

He was also an intellectual and literary leader in the French world of his time, along with André Gide and Roger Martin du Gard.


Coppet was governor of the colony of Dahomey from 1933 until 1934. From 7 May 1934 to 18 July 1935, he governed French Somaliland.

Succeeding Jules Brévié, he became governor-general of French West Africa on September 27, 1936 and retained the position until July 14, 1938. Upon his departure, Léon Geismar took over for a few months until the arrival of Pierre Boisson.

He also oversaw the creation of an encyclopedia devoted to Madagascar which was published in 1947.[1]

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