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Marco Frigatti (born 1970 in Venice, Italy) is the head of the global records management team for Guinness World Records.[1] He also starred in the Sky One television show Guinness World Records Smashed where he presides over all the record attempts as the show's chief adjudicator.

As a student Frigatti studied languages at the Advanced School of Modern Languages in Trieste. His knowledge of language includes English, German, Italian, French, Dutch and Mandarin.

Later he went on to a career in marketing and communications, which took him around Europe. After finally settling in London, he joined the Guinness World Records company, in 2003.

Frigatti had a catchphrase on the Sky One show, just before a record attempt is undertaken he says: "Marco, Pronto" (translation: Marco, Ready).

Frigatti works as an adjudicator on many other Guinness World Records shows, such as the Italian Lo show dei record, the German Guinness World Records - Die größten Weltrekorde[2] and the Chinese Zheng Da Zong Yi.


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