Marco Visconti

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Marco Visconti
Marco Visconti 2011.jpg
Marco Visconti in the 2010 Faderhead video "The Way To Fuck God"
Background information
Also known as The Lord
Born (1978-06-04) 4 June 1978 (age 38)
Rome, Italy
Genres Futurepop, Trance, Synthpop, EBM
Occupation(s) Keyboards, Music Producer
Years active 1999–2014
Labels 2393 Records
Associated acts

XP8, Faderhead, Grendel,

Muscle & Hate

Marco Visconti (born June 4, 1978) is a musician, producer, and DJ known for his work with the Anglo-Italian band XP8.

Visconti was born in Rome, Italy. In 2001 he formed XP8 with Marko Resurreccion and Paul Toohill. Visconti contributed to the band with songwriting, synth production and arrangements till XP8's eventual split in 2014. He is also a DJ focused on Industrial dance music, and the underground Electronic Dance scene in general, having played all over the globe during his fifteen years career.

In 2006, he joined two other acts, Unter Null and Grendel, as member of the live lineup of each band. The collaboration with Unter Null did not last long, as he left the band after 6 months on October 28 after a concert held during the Swedish Tinnitus Festival: the split was on friendly terms. Visconti's collaboration with Grendel ended in 2009 to allow him to concentrate once again more on XP8.

In early 2007, he was then recruited by VNV Nation as keyboard player for their Judgement world tour. At the end of the tour he returned to Rome, where he resumed DJ duties in the various underground clubs of the city.

In 2008 he joined the Faderhead live band, and provided additional production to the song "Another Dead Boy" on Faderhead's third studio album "FH3", and then to the songs "Baby Firefly" and "Beautiful Freak" on the follow-up, "Black Friday". In the following years, his role as additional producer would grow and become a staple in Faderhead's releases.[1] Visconti received numerous nicknames since he joined Faderhead, the most well-known being "The Lord".

His other interests include Thelema, Gnosticism, and Freemasonry. Italian's science-fiction and counter-culture author Francesco Dimitri[2] was inspired by Visconti's online persona to create Dagon, a signature character featured in Dimitri's novels. In April 2017, the first of Dimitri's novels, "La Ragazza dei Miei Sogni", was turned into a movie which received nationwide distribution in Italy[3], with Dagon having his name changed to Alessandro and being portrayed by celebrity actor Nicolas Vaporidis.

Visconti currently resides in London, UK, where he moved in early 2013, and where he collaborates with Treadwell's Books.

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