Marcus Singletary

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Marcus Singletary
Marcus Singletary
Marcus Singletary
Background information
BornChicago, Illinois, United States
GenresRock, progressive rock, jazz, jazz fusion
Occupation(s)Musician, producer, songwriter, singer, radio personality, author
Instrument(s)Bass guitar, guitar, electric guitar, drums, piano
Years active2000–present

Marcus Singletary is an American media personality and musician. A prolific entertainer, he has released many albums as a solo artist, and appeared on several radio and television programs.[1] An article published in Illinois Entertainer cited Marcus Singletary as an early pioneer within the home recording revolution of the 2000s.[2]


Singletary was born in Chicago, Illinois.[3] He began playing several instruments from an early age, and later described the era as one spent listening to classic rock radio and hanging out at a local record shop.[4][5]

A unique blend of styles have been apparent within Singletary's recording career. Take Me Out to the Ball Game (2008), which consisted largely of improvisational guitar solos, was compared, by critics, to legends like Jimi Hendrix,[6][7] the Rocks compilation (2006) was a "recorded blues resume" containing early cuts and highlights,[8] and Smokin' (2011) paired him with a powerhouse backing band including Chet McCracken, a Grammy nominee and former member of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band The Doobie Brothers, on drums.[9][10] Others, including Defiance Science (2015) and Subversive Blues (2016), were displays of his talents on all instruments.[11][12]

In reference to his work as a songwriter, he said, "The characters I write about represent different aspects of real people. They make their choices, live with their decisions, and find inspiration in the aftermath."[13][14]


Marcus Singletary studied jazz guitar and audio engineering at Musician's Institute, and is a graduate of Northwestern University's School of Communication.[15]


Singletary formed the independent record label Aviation Records in 2006. It focused on Americana, fusion, and progressive rock. He and the label were awarded a California small business grant by Governor Gavin Newsom and the State Legislature in February, 2021. In an interview, he said, "Eventually, our collective attention will turn away from the pandemic, just as audiences’ tastes in popular music change, over time. This opportunity ensures that we will continue to press on with our goals of teaching the world about - and placing a modern spin on - some important forms of music that have, in recent times, been largely ignored."[16][17]

Multimedia Work[edit]

Marcus Singletary interviews and performances have aired on television networks including CBS, CNN, and FOX.[18] As an author, he has contributed to such publications as Examiner and Guitar 9.[19][20]

He hosted the radio program Far Out Flavors in 2016; it was broadcast on Southern California NBC affiliate KCAA-FM.[21][22] Highlights were featured on the 2017 EP Daydream Station.[23]

Marcus Singletary has voiced radio advertisements for companies including Disc Makers, Carrie's Barbecue Restaurant, and[24] He produced and scored the 2019 experimental short film The Sebhedris Experience. It combined kaleidoscopic images with ambient music from the instrumental soundtrack Journey to Sebhedris.[25][26]


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