Marcus Singletary

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Marcus Singletary
BornChicago, Illinois, United States
GenresRock, progressive rock, jazz, jazz fusion
Occupation(s)Musician, producer, songwriter, singer, radio personality
InstrumentsBass guitar, guitar, electric guitar, drums, piano
Years active2000–present

Marcus Singletary is an American musician and media personality. A prolific entertainer, he has released many albums as a solo artist.

Singletary was born in Chicago, Illinois.[1] He began playing several instruments from an early age, and later described the era as one spent listening to oldies radio and hanging out at a record shop, seeking out vinyl by Arthur Lee and Love, Spooky Tooth, and The Animals.[2][3]

A large range of styles have been apparent within Singletary's music since the beginning of his recording career. Take Me Out to the Ball Game (2008), which consisted largely of improvisational guitar solos, was compared, by critics, to legends like Jimi Hendrix,[4][5] the Rocks compilation (2006) was a "recorded blues resume" containing early cuts and highlights,[6] and Smokin' (2011) paired him with a powerhouse backing band including ex-Ekoostik Hookah bassist Cliff Starbuck and former Doobie Brothers drummer Chet McCracken.[7][8][9] Others, including Defiance Science (2015) and Subversive Blues (2016), were displays of his talents on all instruments.[10][11]

The radio program, Far Out Flavors, debuted on NBC affiliate KCAA-FM in September, 2016,[12][13] with Singletary as host. He portrayed a variety of characters within sketch comedy bits that, in September, 2017, were released as the EP Daydream Station - a project self-described as influenced by Saturday Night Live, The Kentucky Fried Movie, and Weird Al Yankovic.[14]

Singletary has been featured on such television networks as CNN [15] and FOX,[16] and his music has been heard on television program Chic-a-Go-Go,[17] radio show De Rock y Freud,[18][19][20] and elsewhere.


  • 2005 Angel City Shootout - features two albums - The Marcus Singletary Band (2004) and Capitol Hill (2004)
  • 2006 Rocks - compilation
  • 2008 Marcus Singletary
  • 2008 Take Me Out to the Ball Game
  • 2011 Smokin'
  • 2013 Sings Country Music Standards
  • 2015 Defiance Science
  • 2016 Subversive Blues
  • 2017 Spirit Dialogues
  • 2017 Daydream Station
  • 2018 In the Mix - compilation
  • 2019 My Gun's My Guitar - features four albums - Live on Sunset (2006), Live at the Foxx (2005), Live (2015), and The Sonic Admiral - Live! (2018)


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