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Margaret Biggs (born 9 July 1929, Orpington, Kent) is a popular and collectible exponent of the girls' School story. She is best known for her Melling School series of books, first published by Blackie in the 1950s.[1] The series is set at a weekly boarding school and is unusual in that it shows boarding school life and home life side by side. The interaction between girls and boys is also atypical of the genre at that time. The Melling series was republished by Girls Gone By Publishers in the 2000s and the reprints, whilst retaining the original text and artwork, have new introductions by Margaret Biggs, who is ‘taking great pleasure in the republication of her books’. Ms Biggs has also written two new volumes in the series, Kate at Melling, set twelve years after the earlier books, and Changes at Melling, which were published by Girls Gone By Publishers in 2008 and 2009 respectively.[2]


Margaret Biggs moved to Hertfordshire in 1935 where she was educated at Queen Elizabeth's School for Girls in Barnet. After leaving school in 1946, Biggs obtained employment in the editorial department of Evans Brothers publishers where she met Jacqueline Blairman with whom she co-wrote her first school story. Prior to that her published writing had consisted of short stories and magazine articles.

Margaret Biggs married David Cadney in 1953. They have three children.


Melling series

Other titles

Short stories

  • "Mary's New Friend" in A Book of Girls' Stories, Golden Pleasure Books, 1964
  • Lucinda's Long Afternoon and Pip and the Famous Author in Girls' Choice: A New Book of Stories, Hamlyn, 1965


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