Margaret of France, Duchess of Brabant

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For other people of the same name, see Margaret of France (disambiguation).
Margaret of France
Duchess of Brabant
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Born 1254
Died 1271
Spouse John I, Duke of Brabant
House House of Capet
Father Louis IX of France
Mother Margaret of Provence
French Monarchy
Direct Capetians
Arms of the Kingdom of France (Ancien).svg
Louis IX
Isabella, Queen of Navarre
Louis of France
Philip III
John Tristan, Count of Valois
Peter, Count of Perche and Alençon
Blanche, Infanta of Castile
Marguerite, Duchess of Brabant
Robert, Count of Clermont
Agnes, Duchess of Burgundy

Margaret of France (1254–1271) was a daughter of Louis IX of France and his wife Margaret of Provence. She was a member of the House of Capet and was Duchess of Brabant by her marriage to John I, Duke of Brabant.


Margaret was originally in 1257 betrothed to Henry IV, Duke of Brabant, son of Henry III, Duke of Brabant and Alice of Burgundy. This betrothal was terminated because of the imbecility of Henry.[1]

Henry was deposed in 1267. Henry's brother, John I, Duke of Brabant married Margaret on September 5, 1270. John was said to be a perfect model of a feudal prince in the days of chivalry: brave, adventurous, excelling in every form of active exercise, fond of display, generous in temper. This made him very popular in Middle Ages poetry and literature. He was also famous for his many illegitimate children.

Margaret became pregnant in 1270/1271. Margaret gave birth to a son in 1271. Mother and baby did not survive and both died shortly after the birth.



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