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This article is about the Danish singer. For other singers by that name, see Maria (disambiguation).
"Maria Jensen" redirects here. For German English politician and author, see Mary Saran.
Maria Hamer-Jensen
Birth name Maria Jensen
Born (1978-05-13) May 13, 1978 (age 38)
Origin Denmark
Genres singer/songwriter, Soul, R&B
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter
Years active 2001–present
Labels Dreamworks Records (2002–2004)
Associated acts Soulshock & Karlin

Maria (born Maria Jensen on May 13, 1978) is a Danish singer and songwriter. Although she was born in Denmark, she grew up living in different parts of Europe. Despite her parents' initial hesitation and the fact that she did not come from a musical family, Maria decided to pursue a career as a singer. She was eventually discovered and signed by Soulshock, from the famous writing and production duo Soulshock & Karlin, to Soulpower/Dreamworks Records. Her first single which had success on RnB and Top 40 radio was titled "I Give, You Take" and reached #33 on the Billboard 100 pop chart . She then released her debut album, My Soul, on September 30, 2003. However Dreamworks failed to follow up with promotion for a second single (as they have done with other acts such as Lifehouse and Floetry) and she was let go when Dreamworks Records was sold, shortly before the label folded.

Maria's official comeback to the stage was with the producer HOLBEK, singing the song "HUDLØS" from his critically acclaimed album FRITLØB.

"The mood was however changed again with the cautious diva Maria Hamer-Jensen, who took to the stage with "HUDLØS", which actually was the evening's highlight. Hamer-Jensen's soft and lovely vocals shrouded in the dark electronica universe, added beautiful visuals and a compelling lyrics, was nothing less than a glorious cocktail."[1]

— GAFFA review

"Next To You " written by Maria and produced by Chris Colonna from the Bumblebeez, was featured in the 80th Year Anniversary campaign for Lacoste.[2]

The beautiful song "Missing piece" is featured in the 2013 PANDORA campaign, written by Maria, piano by Asger Baden

Maria's cinematic new album Oh So Full Of Promise is available on iTunes and Amazon,



  • My Soul (2003)
  1. "Lonely"
  2. "I Give, You Take"
  3. "My Soul"
  4. "Nowadays"
  5. "Coffee In Bed"
  6. "You, Me & She"
  7. "Interlude (Dreams From The Hills)"
  8. "Intoxicated"
  9. "Weakness"
  10. "Always"
  11. "Simplified"
  12. "Hate To Love You"
  13. "Miss You"
  • Oh So Full Of Promise (2016)
  1. "End In Tears"
  2. "When Will You Come"
  3. "Make You Stay"
  4. "I've Learned"
  5. "Let Me Burn"
  6. "Barely Living"
  7. "Rotten Fruit"
  8. "Bite My Tongue"
  9. "Wasted Years"



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