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Maria Barnas
Maria Barnas, March 2012
Born28 August 1973 Edit this on Wikidata (age 46)
Hoorn Edit this on Wikidata
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Maria Barnas (born 28 August 1973, Hoorn) is a Dutch writer, poet and artist.[1][2]

MARIA BARNAS (NL, 1973) She lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin. Both in her written work, including novels, poetry and essays and in her visual work, she focuses on how description shapes and distorts reality. She studied visual art at the Rietveld Academy and was resident at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and The American Academy in Rome. Barnas is currently advisor at the Rijksakademie and co-head of the master programme 'Approaching Language' at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. Barnas was awarded the C. Buddingh’ Prize for her first collection of poetry Twee Zonnen (2003) and has since published highly appraised collections, including 'A City Rises' in 2007. In 2011 her collected observations on art and literature for NRC Handelsblad were published in 'Fantastic'. Her collection of poems Jaja de oerknal ('Yeah-Right the Big Bang') came out in 2013, a book focusing on mechanisms of fear, was nominated for the VSB Poetry Prize 2014 and awarded with the Anna Bijns Poetry prize 2014. Her latest collection of poems Nachtboot (Nightboat) was published by Van Oorschot. 'Song for Three Rooms' in which the word tr-eye-ing is spread across three spaces, was commissioned by the Kröller-Müller Museum (17 November 2018 - 31 March 2019). 'Song for Three Rooms' is a combination of sculpture, sound and poetry, based on the idea of seeing and finding words to describe what one sees, as an ever-changing endeavour.


  • 2004 C. Buddingh'-prijs voor nieuwe Nederlandstalige poëzie' for 'Two Suns' ('Twee zonnen, 2003 De Arbeiderspers) [3]
  • 2009 J.C. Bloem-poëzieprijs for 'A City Rises' (Er staat een stad op, 2007 De Arbeiderspers)
  • 2014 Nomination for VSB poëzie prijs for 'Yeah Right The Big Bang' (Jaja de oerknal, 2013 De Arbeiderspers)



  • Engelen van (Ice Angels) (1997)
  • De baadster (The bather) (2000)
  • Altijd Augustus (August Always) (2017)


  • Twee zonnen (Two Suns) (De Arbeiderspers, 2003) which was awarded the Dutch prize for the best poetry
  • Er staat een stad op (A City Rises), De Arbeiderspers, Amsterdam 2007.
  • Jaja de oerknal (Yeah right the Big Bang), De Arbeiderspers, Amsterdam 2013, nominated for the VSB Poetry Prize 2014, awarded the Anna Bijns Poetry Prize


  • Fantastisch (On Fantasy), De Arbeiderspers, 2010, collected news paper articles for NRC Handelsblad


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