Maria Jiray Falls

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Maria Jiray
Maria Jiray .jpg
LocationAncash Region, Peru
TypeTiered / Man-made
Total height300 m / 984.3 ft

María Jiray is a man-made waterfall located at 3400 meters above sea level, near the town of Acopalca, in the Peruvian region of Ancash.[1][2] It has an approximate height of 300 meters and is the byproduct of an aqueduct for a nearby hydroelectric plant, as water in excess is diverted to the creek where the waterfall is located.[1] It is a local attraction for trekkers, along with remnants of Andean forests.[1]


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Coordinates: 9°20′26.1″S 77°12′13.9″W / 9.340583°S 77.203861°W / -9.340583; -77.203861