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Commercial Illustrator Maria Rabinky
Artist and Illustrator Maria Rabinky
Tampa-Bay Aerial View Map by Maria Rabinky
Tampa Bay Aerial View Map by Maria Rabinky 2008

Maria Rabinky was born in Saint-Petersburg, the "cultural hub" of Russia. She has a dual Master of Fine Arts degree in both architecture and visual arts from the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts. After the academy, she honed her skills as an architect and interior and museum designer.


After moving to Richmond, VA in 1994, Maria continued to work in watercolors, drawing with pencil and ink, with an emphasis on architectural renderings, urban and country landscapes, and map illustration. She then extended her talents in traditional art into the electronic arts. As a mixed-media artist, she frequently merges both art forms in creating her illustrated maps and other illustration, to achieve the warmth of hand creations combined with the utility and flexibility of layers and PDFs needed for production and proofing. Maria Rabinky became a well-known commercial map illustrator creating pictorial maps (bird-eye-view maps) for various applications.
Maria is a member of the Graphic Artists Guild, Society of Architectural Illustrators.

Maria Rabinky is founder, owner and principal of the art studio Rabinky Art, LLC located in Richmond, VA.

If name just a few of her recent and current clients, her portfolio corresponds with the wide ranging of her talents: UCLA, travel agency Discovery Maps International, Library of Congress, The Isaac Walton League, dozens of real estate developers, contract illustrator for architects, Garmany Magazine, Nissan, World Wrestling Entertainment, University of Richmond, Bryn Mawr College.


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