Maria dalle Carceri

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Maria dalle Carceri (died 1323) was the wife of Albert Pallavicini who succeeded to half of the marquisate of Bodonitsa on his death in 1311. While she avoided submitting her principality to the Catalan Company, she could not avoid paying an annual tribute of four destriers.

Maria was descended from a Lombard family of Verona that had come to Greece on the Fourth Crusade. She was a daughter of Gaetano dalle Carceri and heiress of a sixth of Euboea. She married Albert and their daughter Guglielma split the inheritance with her. Considering the recent Catalan victory at Halmyros, Maria desired to marry again quickly to a man who would protect hers and her daughter's possessions. She married Andrea Cornaro and Guglielma inherited the whole marquisate on his death.