Marie Marguerite Françoise Hébert

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Marie Marguerite Françoise Hébert, née Goupil (1756, Paris – 1794), was a figure in the French Revolution. She was a nun in the couvent de la Conception (rue Saint-Honoré) under the name "sister of Providence", but was defrocked and on 7 February 1792 married Jacques René Hébert.

The couple had Scipion-Virginie Hébert (7 February 1793 - 13 July 1830). Marie was guillotined on 13 April 1794. Her daughter was raised by a printer, Jacques Christophe Marquet. She became undermistress of a boarding school, was married to a Reformed pastor, and died at 37 years of age.

She was the daughter of Jacques Goupil and of Louise Morel (died 1781).