Marija Branković

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Marija Branković
Princess of Serbia, Marchioness of Montferrat
Born 1466
Died 1495
Noble family Branković dynasty
Spouse(s) Boniface III, Marquess of Montferrat
Father Stefan Branković
Mother Angelina Arianites

Marija Branković (Serbian: Марија Бранковић, b. 1466 - d. 1495) was princess of Serbia by birth, and marchioness of Montferrat by marriage. She was daughter of despot Stefan Branković of Serbia and princess Angelina Arianites of Albania. In 1485, she married Boniface III, Marquess of Montferrat.


Since 1459,[1] when Serbia fell under Ottoman rule, Maria′s father, despot Stefan Branković, was living in exile, mainlly in northern Italy, where Marija was born in 1466. In 1485, she was married to Boniface III Palaiologos, marquess of Montferrat, who fell ill in 1493 and died in 1494. After serving as regent for a short time, Marija also died, in 1495. They had two sons: William IX (1486-1518), who became Marquess of Montferrat between 1494 and 1518, and John George (1488-1533) became the last Marquess of Montferrat between 1530 and 1533.


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