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Marin Držić Avenue near Kruge

Marin Držić Avenue (Croatian: Avenija Marina Držića) is an important north-south avenue in the central-eastern part of Zagreb, Croatia. It is named after Marin Držić, a famous Croatian poet from the 16th century.

It starts at the Petar Krešimir IV Square where it continues south from Pavao Šubić Avenue. It intersects with the Branimirova Avenue, Vukovarska Avenue, Slavonska Avenue (cloverstack interchange), Milka Trnina Street, Sajmišna Road (parclo interchange) and ends at Dubrovnik Avenue (roundabout interchange), continuing south as Sarajevska Road. The avenue carries ZET tram tracks in the median through the entire route. Zagreb's main bus station (Autobusni kolodvor Zagreb) is also located on the avenue.

It passes through city districts Trnje and Novi Zagreb - istok, at parts serving as a border between Trnje and Peščenica - Žitnjak.

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Coordinates: 45°48′10″N 15°59′40″E / 45.80278°N 15.99444°E / 45.80278; 15.99444