Marinus Adrianus Koekkoek the Younger

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Marinus Adrianus Koekkoek the Younger
BornJanuary 29, 1873
DiedMay 30, 1944

Marinus Adrianus Koekkoek the Younger or Marinus Adrianus Koekkoek (II) (January 29, 1873 – May 30, 1944) was a Netherlands painter from the Netherlands.

Koekkoek was born in Amsterdam into a large family of landscape painters as the son of Willem and was named after his uncle Marinus Adrianus the Elder. He spent 20 years working for the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie in Leiden and is known for landscapes with animals.[1] Koekkoek the Younger died in Amsterdam.


A species of snake, Typhlops koekkoeki, is named in his honor.[2]


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