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Mark A. Brennan

Mark Brennan (born 1968) is a Canadian landscape painter known for his work depicting Canadian National parks and wilderness areas.[1]


Brennan was born in Swindon, England in 1968.[2] He grew up on the West Coast of Scotland, where he spent much of his time exploring the Scottish Highlands.[1] At 16 he joined the Royal Navy, where he worked as a shipborne photographer and learnt to express himself creatively.[3] At the age of 19 he emigrated to Pictou County in Nova Scotia, Canada,[3] took up painting and painted his first landscape in the early 1990s at Perch Lake in Trafalgar, Nova Scotia.[3]

Brennan’s main artistic focus has been to record Canada's wilderness areas and National Parks, where he paints on location in oil.[3] His work can be found in the Nova Scotia Government Public Art Bank Collection.[3][4] A documentary film exploring his work and life as an artist is being filmed for the Canadian and British markets.[1]

In October 2009 he was included in the book From Land & Sea, Nova Scotia's Contemporary Landscape Artists, published by Nimbus Publishing.



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