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For the soap opera character, see Mark Brennan (Neighbours). For the footballer, see Mark Brennan (footballer). For the Roman Catholic Bishop, see Mark E. Brennan.
Mark A. Brennan

Mark Brennan (born 1968) is a Canadian landscape painter known for his work depicting Canadian National parks and wilderness areas.[1]


Brennan was born in Swindon, England in 1968.[2] He grew up on the West Coast of Scotland, where he spent much of his time exploring the Scottish Highlands.[1] At 16 he joined the Royal Navy, where he worked as a shipborne photographer and learnt to express himself creatively.[3] At the age of 19 he emigrated to Pictou County in Nova Scotia, Canada,[3] took up painting and painted his first landscape in the early 1990s at Perch Lake in Trafalgar, Nova Scotia.[3]

Brennan’s main artistic focus has been to record Canada's wilderness areas and National Parks, where he paints on location in oil.[3] His work can be found in the Nova Scotia Government Public Art Bank Collection.[3][4] A documentary film exploring his work and life as an artist is being filmed for the Canadian and British markets.[1]

In October 2009 he was included in the book From Land & Sea, Nova Scotia's Contemporary Landscape Artists, published by Nimbus Publishing.



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