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Mark Katakowski is an American entrepreneur and scientist specializing in stem cell therapy.


Katakowski was born and raised in the state of Michigan, the youngest child of two educators.[citation needed] He received a B.S. in Physics and a Ph.D. in Medical Physics from Oakland University. He later served as a research staff scientist at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, MI, where he did research on stem cells. He has over 45 peer reviewed scientific journal articles under his name.[1]


In an effort to hone his coding skills, in 2010, Katakowski created the social aggregator Hubski, utilizing arc, the underlying framework from Hacker News.

In 2015, Katakowski co-founded Forever Labs, a longevity company specializing in the harvesting and storage of adult stem cells.[2][3] Forever Labs was part of the summer 2017 Y Combinator batch.[4] He currently serves as president and chief scientific officer.

Katakowski's current work hypothesizes that rejuvenating the bone marrow by autologous heterochronic transplantation of cells could extend healthy lifespan.[5]

Other work[edit]

Mark is also a painter and writer. His blog Under Odysseus[6] was featured in Sarah Boxer's 2008 book, Ultimate Blogs.[7]


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