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Mark Lovatt (born 12 August 1971) is a British road racing cyclist who represented the United Kingdom at the 2001 UCI Road World Championships and England at the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

Based in England, Lovatt has won the Tour of the Peak Premier Calendar race six times, the Premier Calendar series in 2000 and 2003, and the National Hill Climb Championships in 2002 while riding for the Compensation Group R.T.


1994 3rd in National Championship, Road, Amateurs, Great-Britain (GBR)

2000 1st in Havant International GP (GBR)

2000 1st in Stage 1 Girvan Three Day (GBR)

2001 1st in Stokesley (GBR)

2001 1st in Naseby (GBR)

2001 1st in Ingleby (GBR)

2001 1st in Sheriff Hutton (GBR)

2001 1st in Oakley (GBR)

2001 1st in Tour of the Peak (GBR)

2001 1st in Tour of the Reservoir (GBR)

2002 1st in Shay Elliot Memorial (IRL)

2002 1st in Stage 3 Tour of Northumberland (GBR)

2002 1st in Stage 1 Ras Mumhan, Ras Mumhan (IRL)

2002 1st in Tour of the Reservoir (GBR)

2002 1st in St.-Helens (GBR)

2002 1st in Neil Gardner Memorial (GBR)

2002 1st in Tour of the Peak (GBR)

2002 1st in John Walker Memorial (GBR)

2003 1st in Manx International (GBR)

2003 1st in Tour of the Peak (GBR)

2003 1st in Stage 3 Girvan Three Day, Electric Brae (GBR)

2003 1st in Lincoln International GP (GBR)

2003 1st in Five Valleys Premier Calendar Road Race (GBR)

2003 1st in Port Talbot-Five Valleys (GBR)

2003 1st in Stage 2 Tour of Northumberland, Ashingtow (GBR)

2006 1st in A.A. Brown Duncan Murray Wines Road Race (GBR)