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Mark Perry, also known as Mark P, is a British writer and musician, and former fanzine publisher.

Perry was a bank clerk when, inspired by The Ramones, he founded the punk fanzine Sniffin' Glue (And Other Rock 'n' Roll Habits) in 1976. Publication ceased in August 1977 when Perry found his energies being absorbed by his new band, Alternative TV, and became disenchanted with the punk scene.[1]

Alternative TV[edit]

ATV released their first single "Love Lies Limp" as a flexi disc given away free with Sniffin' Glue 12 in 1977.[2] They then released the following singles on Deptford Fun City records :- "How Much Longer / You Bastard (1977)". "Life After Life / Life After Dub (1978)". "Action Time Vision / Another Coke (1978)".[2]

Alex Ferguson left the band due to 'musical differences' prior to the band releasing their first album, The Image Has Cracked (1978).[2]

There were two further singles:- "The Force Is Blind" / "Lost in Room" (1979) and "Love Lies Limp" / "Life" (1979) - a posthumous release. They released a further LP:- Vibing Up the Senile Man (1979). Reformed versions of the group (with Perry as the only constant) have released numerous singles, EPs and albums since the early 1990s.[2] "Opposing Forces" 2016.


In 1980, he released a solo LP, Snappy Turns, on the Deptford Fun City label,[2] preceded by the "Whole World's Down on Me" 7", a cover of a Ken Boothe track. Another 7", "You Cry Your Tears", a collaboration with Dennis Burns, was released on the NB label in 1980.[2]

Perry went on to perform with The Good Missionaries, The Reflections, and The Door and the Window.[2] In the 1990s, he was involved with Baby Ice Dog. Alternative TV have played occasional gigs in recent years, both in the United Kingdom and the United States.


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