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Mark Tucker (born October 11, 1957 in Laurel, Maryland, and who legally changed his name in 1991 to T. Storm Hunter) is a musician, and co-founder of Tetrapod Spools.

His debut album, Batstew, which is now collectible, was released in two runs, each of 100 copies. There was also one personalized edition for his girlfriend of the time, Eva Bataszew, whose title was Bataszew. The album was re-released in 1996 as a compact disc, with extra tracks that never made it onto the original LP. It comprises amongst other things recordings of Tucker's car, a 1964 Cadillac which he had nicknamed "The Bat".

After a couple of mental breakdowns, Tucker recorded his second album, In The Sack, in 1982, under the pseudonym "T. Storm Hunter" which he later adopted as his legal name. The music was largely experimental, with tracks including "Everywhere with Sally (Ride)", a pop song recorded backwards.



  • Batstew — 1975
    1. This Hearse
    2. Prologue: 1964 Cadillac
    3. 64Z037375 Part 1
    4. Before They Call, I Will Answer
    5. Sideways Love Forever
    6. 64Z037375 Part 2
    7. Honey Tree
    8. The Way It Really Is
    9. Bataszew
    10. I'm Nothing
    11. Submerged Bat Vortex
    12. All Cars Are Sisters
    13. 1964 Cadillac
    14. Kids
    15. Bataszew (Alternate Version 2)
    16. This Beach Is Very
    17. Kotzebue
  • In The Sack — 1983
  • Harem-Scarem Suite — 1996
    1. EVA: The Bat
    2. KITCHY: The Lady From Nod
    3. AGNES: Seldom Siren Of Delusion
    4. SANDY: Since Night You Loved Me; Yet Since Night You Left Me
    5. COTTON: Disappearing Candy
    6. SHELLEY: Once Beneath The Bridge
    7. SALLY: Holdin' Sally In The Alley
    8. ELLEN: Someone To Love Me
    9. DAISY: Laundry Dog
    10. DAPHNE: The Laurel Tree Of Apollo


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