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Mark Weigle (born 1967 in Annandale, Minnesota) is a singer/songwriter[1] with at least five albums to his credit. Weigle presents a successful yet positive orientation (and marketing) as a gay writer and musician. At the 2003 Outmusic Awards, Weigle received an unprecedented five Outmusic nominations and won in three categories, including: "Outsong of the Year", "Outstanding New Recording", and "Outstanding Producer".[2]

His debut album of 1998 The Truth Is included low-key compositions in a country/folk style, such as "The Two Cowboy Waltz". His album of 2003, Different and the Same, included adaptations of others' songs, such as "867-5309/Jenny". Written by Alex Call and Jim Keller and originally performed by Tommy Tutone in 1982 (Weigle's version changed the name and gender of the song's subject to "867-5309/Jimmy"), and Joan Baez' 1972 composition "Love Song To A Stranger".


  • 1998 - The Truth Is
  • 2000 - All That Matters
  • 2002 - Out of The Loop
  • 2003 - Different and the Same
  • 2005 - SoulSex (Wrestling the Angel/Versatile)
  • 2007 - Mark Weigle


In 2004, Weigle sang a duet with indie singer-songwriter Skott Freedman on the Magnetic Fields' infamous "Papa Was a Rodeo". The version appears on Freedman's 2004 release, "Judge a Book".


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