Marquisate of Samaranch

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Marquessate of Samaranch
Creation date 30 December 1991
Monarch Juan Carlos I of Spain
First holder Juan Antonio Samaranch
Present holder María Teresa Samaranch Salisachs
Remainder to Absolute primogeniture

The Marquessate of Samaranch (Spanish: Marquesado de Samaranch) is a hereditary title of Spanish nobility.[1] The title was bestowed by King Juan Carlos I of Spain on Juan Antonio Samaranch on 30 December 1991, honouring his efforts in support of the Olympic movement as President of the International Olympic Committee.[2]

Holders of the title[edit]

  • Juan Antonio Samaranch, 1st Marquis of Samaranch (1991–2010)
  • María Teresa Samaranch Salisachs, 2nd Marquise of Samaranch (2011-) [3]