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Marquis de Vallado is a Spanish title bestowed upon Humphrey Walrond on 5 August 1653, by King Philip IV of Spain.

Walrond, from Sea, Somerset, was a distinguished Royalist commander, and subsequent Deputy Governor of Barbados. He defeated the Roundheads in the island in 1650, maintained a Royalist regime there throughout the Commonwealth and Protectorate, was appointed Deputy Governor in 1660, but continued to act as Governor until 1662.[1]

Along with the Marquisate he was also created the Conde de Parama y Valderonda ("Count of Parama and Valderonda") and a Grandee of the 1st Class. It was general practice for the eldest son of the incumbent of the title to bear the lesser and courtesy title of Conde de Parama.[1]

The following is a list of those members of the Walrond family who inherited these Spanish honours:

Holders of the title[edit]

Name Born Died Spouse Notes
Sir Humphrey Walrond Elizabeth Napier 1st Marques
George Walrond 1688 Frances Coryton (d.1665) 2nd Marques, son of the 1st
Theodore Walrond 1706 Elizabeth Smith 3rd Marques, son of the 2nd
Theodore Walrond 1748 Elizabeth Wills 4th Marques, son of the 3rd
Maine Swete Walrond 1725 1790 Sarah Lyons (1731-1764) 5th Marques, son of the 4th
Joseph Lyons Walrond 1752 1815 Caroline Codrington (d.1833) 6th Marques, son of the 5th
Lyons Walrond 1800 1819 7th Marques, son of the 6th
Bethell Walrond 1802 1876 Lady Janet St. Clair-Erskine (1800-1880), daughter of 2nd Earl of Rosslyn 8th Marques, son of the 6th; Member of Parliament 1826-32 [2]
Henry Walrond[3] 1841[3] 1917 Caroline Maud Clark[3] (d. 1915) 9th Marques, son of the 8th
Henry Humphrey Walrond[3] 1862[3] 1940 Gertrude Gordon Hill (1873-1970) 10th Marques, son of the 9th
Henry Ernest Walrond 1896 1972 Imogene Fletcher (1893-1972) 11th Marques, nephew of the 10th


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