Marshall ShredMaster

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Marshall ShredMaster Front
The ShredMaster with plugged in jacks.

The Marshall ShredMaster (also known as the Shred Master) is a discontinued distortion pedal which was manufactured by Marshall Amps.

It was the high-gain pedal of a triad, also including the Marshall DriveMaster and the Marshall BluesBreaker.[1] All of which were created to represent a certain Marshall Amplifier in an effects pedal.

The pedal is powered by 9V battery or external power supply.


The ShredMaster has five knobs, which are, from left to right:

  • Gaincontrols intensity of the drive
  • Basscontrols lower frequencies
  • Contourcontrols mid frequencies
  • Treblecontrols high-end response
  • Volumecontrols overall volume level

ShredMaster users[edit]

Notable musicians who have used the ShredMaster include:


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