Martin Krause

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Martin Krause.

Martin Krause (17 June 1853 – 2 August 1918) was a German concert pianist, piano teacher, music critic, and writer.


Martin Krause was born in Lobstädt, Saxony as the youngest son of the choirmaster and church schoolmaster Johann Carl Friedrich Krause in Lobstädt. He initially attended the teacher training college in Borna, then he became a pupil of Franz Liszt and later established himself as a piano teacher and writer on music in Leipzig, where he founded the Franz-Liszt-Verein (Association). From 1901 Krause worked as a professor at the Royal Academy of Music in Munich, and from at least 1896 to 1911 at the Stern Conservatory in Berlin. A victim of the flu epidemic, he died on 2 August 1918 in Plattling.


  • Wagner-Kalender 1908 aus Anlass des 25. Todestages Richard Wagners (Wagner-Almanac 1908 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the death of Richard Wagner), edited by Søren Kruse, Danmark, 1961.


  • Claudio Arrau (1903–1991) – Krause on Arrau: "Dieses Kind soll mein Meisterstück werden." ("This child is meant to become my masterpiece.")
  • Edwin Fischer (1886–1960)