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Marty A. Bergen (born April 21, 1948) is an American bridge player and writer. A ten-time national champion and American Contract Bridge League Grand Life Master, he retired from active competition in 1993. He is still a bridge writer and is a World Bridge Federation World International Master. He is from Farmingdale, New York.[1]

Bergen is a columnist in the monthly ACBL Bridge Bulletin since 1976. He has also written 19 bridge books,[when?] two of which won the ABTA Bridge Book of the Year award, Points Schmoints!: Bergen's Winning Bridge Secrets in 1996 and Declarer Play the Bergen Way in 2005.

Bergen is known for his development of new conventions and treatments, including DONT and Bergen raises. Together with his bridge partner Larry Cohen, he popularized the law of total tricks, support double, and 1NT semi-forcing.

Bergen is married to Cheryl Bergen née Lance and they reside in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Bridge accomplishments[edit]


  • Herman Trophy 1983
  • American Bridge Teachers' Association Book of the Year 1996, 2005




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