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The Grand National Teams (GNT) North American bridge championship is held at the summer American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championship (NABC).

The Grand National Teams is a team knockout event. The event is broken into four flights (Championship, A, B, C). The event is restricted to those who have qualified in their local ACBL district. No player on a flight A team can have more than 6,000 masterpoints. No player on a flight B team can have more than 2,500 masterpoints. No player on a flight C team can have more than 500 masterpoints, or be a Life Master.

All flights typically begin play on Wednesday, two days before the main NABC events.

The 2011 host district won Flights B and C in Toronto and thereby won the unofficial GNT Cup.[1]


The United States Bridge Association, established by Ely Culbertson and his staff, conducted a Grand National Team-of-Four championship from 1934 to 1937 (the lifetime of the organization before merger created the ACBL).[citation needed]

The extended, grass-roots tournament was re-established in 1973, when about 1500 teams participated.[2] Initial stages were contested in the 25 geographically defined ACBL Districts. Champions of eight Zones were determined in a semifinal stage, who qualified for the final stage at one of the North American NABC meets.[2]

By 1980 there were 6032 teams in the first stage, although the distinct Canadian National Teams championship was introduced by the Canadian Bridge Federation that year, leaving only the 23 U.S. or partly U.S. districts in the GNT.[2] (The ACBL encompasses Mexico and Bermuda, but each is entirely within a partly U.S. District.)

The Zonal stage was eliminated in 1985; since then every District champion qualifies for the final at the Summer NABC.[3] Conditions within the Districts differ; some now hold a single weekend tournament. Winners received some money to pay expenses in part.

Also in 1985, the event was divided in three Flights called A, B, and C. The Championship Flight was added in 2001.[3] That is, Flights B and C were added to the Open Flight in 1985, with player eligibility restricted by upper limits on career masterpoints. In 2001 the previously open Flight A was renamed "Championship" or "Superflight" and Flight A was restricted to players with fewer than 5,000 career masterpoints. As of 2012 the other ceilings were 2,000 points for Flight B players and 500 points for Flight C. In 2014 the cutoff for Flight A was raised to 6,000 masterpoints and the cutoff for Flight B was raised to 2,500 masterpoints.

The Open winners have their names engraved on the Morehead Trophy, donated by The New York Times in memory of its longtime bridge editor Albert H. Morehead.

Championship Flight[edit]

Grand National Teams finalists, Open Flight
Year Dist Winners Dist Runners-up
1973 9 Russ Arnold, James Beery, Jane Jaeger, Richard Pavlicek, William Seamon, Robert G. Sharp Dave Smith, Byron Economidy, Jerry Levitt, Roger Lord, Norb Kremer, Ron Smith
1974 Larry T. Cohen, Billy Eisenberg, Eddie Kantar, Richard H. Katz, Paul Soloway, John Swanson 12 Chuck Burger, Fred Hamilton, Howard Perlman, Stanley Smith, Jeffrey Starr, Dick Yanko
1975 16 John Fisher, Charles Gabriel, Bob Hamman, Jim Hooker, Charles Weed, Bobby Wolff Mike Cook, Jim Felts, Doug Hill, Reece Rogers, Ron L. Smith, Bernie Yomtov
1976 Billy Eisenberg, Eddie Kantar, Paul Soloway, John Swanson Marty Fleisher, Charlie Friedman, Ron Gerard, Halina Jamner, Archie McKellar, Neil Nathanson
1977 16 Bob Hamman, Dan Morse, Curtis Smith, Eddie Wold, Bobby Wolff 6 Bobby Lipsitz, Steve Parker, Steve Robinson, Kit Woolsey
1978 13 Gerald Caravelli, Charles Peres, William Rosen, Milton Rosenberg, Dan Rotman 9 Allan Cokin, Bobby Levin, Bud Reinhold, William Seamon, Steve Sion
1979 13 Greg DeFotis, Jerry Goldfein, Arnold Leavitt, Larry Robbins, Claude Vogel Marty Bergen, Chuck Lamprey, Warren Rosner, Allan Stauber
1980 Jack Bitman, Jan Janitschke, Craig Janitschke, Dick Lesko 9 Russ Arnold, Edith Kemp, Bill Passell, Cliff Russell, William Seamon, Dave Strasberg
1981 16 Ira Chorush, Jim Jacoby, Mike Passell, George Rosenkranz, Eddie Wold 24 Mike Becker, Brian Glubok, John Lowenthal, Phillip Martin, Michael Rosenberg, Ron Rubin
1982 21 Ron Von der Porten, Hugh Ross, Chip Martel, Lew Stansby, Kyle Larsen, Peter Pender; Jeff Polisner (npc) 12 Steve Landen, Pratap Rajadhyaksha, Jeff Starr, Frank Bell, Chuck Burger
1983 21 Chip Martel, Hugh Ross, Peter Pender, Lew Stansby 7 Lou Blumn, Larry Gould, Randy Joyce, Nick Nickell, Richard Freeman
1984 6 Kit Woolsey, Ed Manfield, Peter Boyd, Bobby Lipsitz, Steve Robinson 13 Greg DeFotis, Larry Robbins, Jerry Goldfein, Hal Mouser, Jack Oest, Gerry Caravelli
1985 21 Chip Martel, Hugh Ross, Lew Stansby, Peter Pender; Alfred Sheinwold (npc) 6 Steve Robinson, Eddie Manfield, Peter Boyd, Bobby Lipsitz
1986 16 Seymon Deutsch, Bobby Wolff, Bob Hamman, Jim Jacoby 13 Milt Rosenberg, Ralph Katz, Hal Mouser, Greg DeFotis, Larry Robbins, Howard Weinstein
1987 21 Chip Martel, Hugh Ross, Peter Pender, Lew Stansby, Mike Lawrence Frank Hoadley, Sidney Lazard, John Onstott, Jack LaNoue
1988 6 Steve Robinson, Ed Manfield, Peter Boyd, Bobby Lipsitz 13 Jack Oest, Steve Garner, Jerry Goldfein, Bart Bramley, Gerry Caravelli, Howard Weinstein
1989 25 Steve Sion, Robert Barr, Harold Stengel, Bernie Miller Tony Kasday, Paul Ivaska, Gaylor Kasle, Garey Hayden, Roger Bates
1990 11 Doug Simson, Walter Johnson, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Dennis Clerkin Kay Larsen, Chris Larsen, Joe Kivel, Robert Rosenblum, Evan Bailey
1991 13 Larry Robbins, Jerry Goldfein, Jack Oest, Peter Nagy, Steve Garner, Howard Weinstein Marty Bergen, Larry N. Cohen, Fred Stewart, Steve Weinstein
1992 6 Steve Robinson, Peter Boyd, Bobby Lipsitz, Ed Manfield 9 Mike Becker, Ron Rubin, Richard Pavlicek, Bill Root, Bobby Levin, Jeff Wolfson
1993 21 Ravindra Murthy, Brad Moss, Lew Stansby, Chip Martel, Hugh Ross, Jeff Ferro Brian Ellis, Asim Ulke, Florine Walters, Richard Finberg, Jay Apfelbaum, Piyush Vakil
1994 24 Jimmy Cayne, Alan Sontag, David Berkowitz, Larry N. Cohen 11 Doug Simson, Walter Johnson, Eric Rodwell, Jeff Meckstroth
1995 13 Steve Garner, Jack Oest, Larry Robbins, Jerry Goldfein, Gerald Caravelli, Gary Cohler Billy Cohen, Marc Jacobus, Harold Lilie, Peter Nagy
1996 21 Ralph Buchalter, Hugh Ross, Kyle Larsen, Ron Smith, Chip Martel, Lew Stansby 12 Chuck Burger, Geoff Hampson, Allan Falk, Perry Johnson
1997 9 Jeffrey Wolfson, Bobby Levin, Jeff Meckstroth, Neil Silverman, Richard Pavlicek, Michael Seamon 10 Hjördis Eythorsdottir, Curtis Cheek, Steve Beatty, John Onstott
1998 22 Ross Grabel, Jon Wittes, Mark Itabashi, Fred Hamilton, Gene Simpson 16 Bobby Goldman, John Sutherlin, Malcolm Brachman, Mike Passell, Eddie Wold
1999 9 Joseph Shay, Michael Seamon, Bobby Levin, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell 23 Jill Meyers, Ed Davis, Mitch Dunitz, Iftikhar Baqai
2000 9 Joseph Shay, Michael Seamon, Bobby Levin, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell 21 Rose Meltzer, Peter Weichsel, Ron Smith, Kyle Larsen, Chip Martel, Lew Stansby
2001 23 Jill Meyers, Ed Davis, Mitch Dunitz, Iftikhar Baqai 21 Rose Meltzer, Peter Weichsel, Hugh Ross, Kyle Larsen, Chip Martel, Lew Stansby
2002 9 Russ Ekeblad, Sheila Ekeblad, Jeff Meckstroth, Michael Seamon, Eric Rodwell, Mark Molson 17 Lou Ann O'Rourke, Roger Bates, Garey Hayden, Billy Miller, Marc Jacobus
2003 21 Rose Meltzer, Peter Weichsel, Hugh Ross, Kyle Larsen, Chip Martel, Lew Stansby 9 Larry Griffey, Spike Lay, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Michael Seamon, Russ Ekeblad
2004 9 Jim Mahaffey, Michael Seamon, Gary Cohler, Barnet Shenkin, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell 16 Malcolm Brachman, Bart Bramley, Sidney Lazard, Mike Passell, Eddie Wold
2005 12 Howard Perlman, Chuck Burger, Perry Johnson, Michael Zerbini 9 Jim Mahaffey, Barnet Shenkin, Eric Rodwell, Jeff Meckstroth, Michael Seamon, Gary Cohler
2006 16 Bob Hamman, Petra Hamman, Hemant Lall, Justin Lall, John Sutherlin, Peggy Sutherlin 21 Jan Martel, Chip Martel, JoAnna Stansby, Lew Stansby, Kit Woolsey, Sally Woolsey
2007 9 Mike Becker, Warren Spector, Larry N. Cohen, David Berkowitz, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell 24 Glenn Milgrim, Chris Willenken, Roy Welland, Bobby Levin
2008 9 Mike Becker, Warren Spector, Larry N. Cohen, David Berkowitz, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell 25 Doug Doub, Frank Merblum, John Stiefel, Lloyd Arvedon, Victor King, Sheila Gabay
2009 21 Rose Meltzer, Kyle Larsen, Chip Martel, Jan Martel, Kit Woolsey, Sally Woolsey 24 Joe Grue, John Hurd, Kevin Bathurst, Shane Blanchard, Bob Blanchard, Brian Glubok
2010 11 Walter Johnson, Doug Simson, Dennis Clerkin, Jerry Clerkin 23 Jill Meyers, Mitch Dunitz, Walter Schafer, Ed Davis
2011 9 Warren Spector, Mike Becker, David Berkowitz, Gary Cohler, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell 6 Steve Robinson, Peter Boyd, Steve Landen, Bill Pettis, Bill Cole, Beth Palmer
2012 9 Warren Spector, Mike Becker, David Berkowitz, Gary Cohler, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell 24 Jared Lilienstein, Sam Lev, Brian Glubok, John Hurd, Michael Polowan, Joel Wooldridge
2013 9 Warren Spector, Mike Becker, David Berkowitz, Gary Cohler, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell 24 Jared Lilienstein, Sam Lev, Brian Glubok, John Hurd, Michael Polowan, Joel Wooldridge
2014 9 Michael Seamon, Richard Coren, Kevin Bathurst, Kevin Dwyer, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell 21 Richard Spitalnick, Edward Barlow, Srikanth Kodayam, Nick Bykov, Chip Martel, Kit Woolsey
2015 9 Warren Spector, Mike Becker, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, David Berkowitz, Gary Cohler 19 Dick Yarington NPC, Ken Scholes, Bryan Maksymetz, Dan Jacob, Rock Shi Yan
2016 25 Douglas Doub, Franklin Merblum, Adam Grossack, Zachary Grossack 21 Chip Martel, Kit Woolsey, Lew Stansby, Jo Anna Stansby, Debbie Rosenberg, David Grainger
2017 21 Chip Martel, Kit Woolsey, Lew Stansby, Jo Anna Stansby, Debbie Rosenberg, David Grainger 9 Richard Coren, Kevin Bathurst, Kevin Dwyer, Russell Ekeblad, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell
2018 9 David Berkowitz, Eric Rodwell, Gary Cohler, Warren Spector, Jeff Meckstroth, Michael Becker 17 Joshua Donn, Roger Lee, Sylvia Shi, Daniel Korbel
2019 17 Fred Gitelman, Geoff Hampson, Haig Tchamitch, Roger Lee, Daniel Korbel, Sheri Winestock 24 Joe Grue, John Hurd, Kent Mignocchi, Gillian Miniter, Joel Wooldridge
2020 Cancelled
2021 9 Jeff Wolfson, Jeff Meckstroth, Kevin Dwyer, Shan Huang, Gary Cohler, David Berkowitz 2 Jacob Freeman, Daniel Lavee, John Carruthers, Martin Kirr, Bo Han Zhu, Darren Wolpert
2022 7 B Wayne Stuart III, Jerry Helms, Sam Marks, Dwight Meredith, George Woltman, Olin Hubert 9 Allison L Cappelletti, Janice Seamon-Molson, Mike Cappelletti Jr., Jack Weingold, Jeff Meckstroth, Gary Cohler

Lower flights[edit]

Grand National Teams finalists, Flight A (as second of four flights)
Year Dist Winners Dist Runners-up
From 2001 "A" is the second of four flights. Previously it was the Open flight (above).
2001 20 Merlin Vilhauer, Pam Stratton, Robert Johnson, Bruce Cuthbertson, Mark Litterman 6 Lyle Poe, Rusty Krauss, David Butler, Raphael Kahn, Barry Falgout, Mark Dahl
2002 9 Adrian Dovell, Patricia Dovell, John Moschella, John Brady, Bob Dennard, Brian Gunnell 14 Bob Balderson, Cindy Balderson, Kurt Schaeffer, Carole Miner
2003 16 Buddy Hanby, Sally Wheeler, Patricia Griffin, James Griffin 5 Niel Waletzky, Stan Dub, Don Sulgrove, Kathleen Sulgrove
2004 6 Sumner Steinfeldt, Marshall Kuschner, Hal Hindman, Mark Chen 12 Mark Leonard, Thomas Rozinski, Barry Lippitt, Richard Mydloski
2005 7 Jonathan Slaney, John Lowell, Jeff Ziemer, Robert Fendrick, Hugh Hughes, Gregory Roberts 24 Valentin Carciu, David Gurvich, Michael Lipkin, Ira Ewen, Sorin Pleacof
2006 2 Doug Baxter, Daniel Korbel, David Grainger, Danny Miles, Andy Stark 16 Charles Price, Mark Bumgardner, Stan Kohan, Greg Hinze, Marcus Poe, Tom Edwards
2007 12 Michael Alioto, Sheldon Kirsch, Barry Lippitt, Frank Sensoli, Robert Cappelli 24 Valentin Carciu, Michael Lipkin, David Gurvich, Sorin Pleacof, Ljudmila Kamenova
2008 24 James Scott, Harry Apfel, John Ramos, Kelley Hwang, Valentin Carciu, Sorin Pleacof 11 Sheryl Langner, Shan Au, Charles Kopp, Gregory Potts
2009 23 Chien Yao Tseng, John Ramos, David Kempe, Matt Klimesh 19 Dave Grubbs, Kevin Bolan, John Maki, Bill O'Brien
2010 4 Elliot Shalita, Andy Kaufman, Rick Olanoff, Doug Dye, Howard Cohen, Corey Krantz 7 Lance Shull, Audrey Ventura, Jon Rice, Doug Dey
14 Kurt Schaeffer, Kerry Holloway, Bjorgvin Kristinsson - Keith Connolly 24 Igor Savchenko, Ljudmila Kamenova, Doug Herron - Bill Begert, Valentin Carciu, Sorin Pleacof
2012 23 Edward Piken, Robert Kent, Viktor Anikovich, Howard Einberg, Fred Zhang, Paul Markarian 6 Barry Bragin, Brad Theurer, Noble Shore, Michael Gill
2013 22 Shoichi Yoshihiro, Philip Hiestand, Weishu Wu, Xiao-Yan Gong, Bo Liu 16 Anthony Bianchi, Gary King, Mitch Towner, Robert Whitcher
2014 21 Crispin Barrere, Mark Moss, Robert Thomson, Sathya Bettadapura 11 John Hinton, Bob Lyon, Craig Satersmoen, Ryan Schultz
2015 6 Stan Schenker, Mark Laken, Barry Falgout, Rusty Krauss, Stephen Drodge, John Miller 3 Dori Byrnes, Sylwia McNamara, Michael McNamara, Ron Nelken, Robert Stayman, John Boyer
2016 6 Alexander Prairie, Stephen Drodge, Jian-Jian Wang, Sylvia Shi 19 Amy Gao, William Ge, James Wu, Ben Takemori
2017 25 Barry Bragin, Weiling Zhou, Michael Hess, Gary Miyashiro, Susan Smith, Michael Smith 22 Weishu Wu, Sudhir Helekar, Jay Helekar, Xiao-Yan Gong
2018 2 Colin Lafferty, Doug Andrews, Melvin Norton, Keith Heckley 9 Edward Schusler, Albert Simpson, James Scott, David Treitel, Saul Gross, Juan Castillo
2019 Edward Schusler, Saul Gross, James Scott, David Treitel, Juan Castillo, Bruce Lang 22 Rick Kerbel, Jim Johnsen, Fran White, Davis Bennett
2020 Cancelled
2021 16 Hua Yang, Yan Sung, Danny Feng, Lunhui Lin 9 Juan Castillo, Luisana Madueno, Maris Zilant, Linda Epstein
2022 6 Jian-Ping Chen, Shihong You, Weizhong Bao, Huailin Chen 16 Ari Sippola, Pawel Hanus, Ying Peng, James Zhan
2023 19 Eric Sieg, Kim Eng, Kevin Bolan, Jeff Ford 25 Maxim Siline, Carrie Liu, Melody Bi, Anton Tsypkin
Grand National Teams finalists, Flight B
Year Dist Winners Dist Runners-up
1985 Irving Goodman, Floyd Dyson, Leo Takelfman, Tim McPhail, Louis Richardson Sally Grace, Linda Weinstein, Sharon Meng, Jennifer James, Jerry Poliquin, Robert Buchner
1986 6 Paul McGowan, George Towner, Winston Edwards, Regena Jones (replaced Lizzie Hepburn) Ken Connell, Linda Connell, Carla Eisenhauer, S. K. Carruthers, Claire Jones, Dennis Nelson
1987 Dwight Hunt, Ed Horwitz, Ken Kadish, Claude LeFeuvre Bob Webb, Pat Webb, Kevin Chen, Joseph Blalock
1988 Steven Beck, Michael Camp, Win Allegaert, Fred Chang Jean Molnar, Michael Weber, Down Holmer, Walter Riddle, Joseph Rubin
1989 George Runyan, Tim Joder, Iype Koshy, Robert Dupont Paul Nickerson, William Goldsmith, Denise Goldsmith, Cheryl Porter
1990 Judy Hughes, Karen Miller, Robert Seaholm, John Morano, Goutam Chakraborty, Krishnanand Maillacheruver 6 Jim Adams, John Edmunds, Dan Feldman, Larry Kahn, Usuf Ismail
1991 Mary Poplawski, Stanley Poplawski, William Smith, Barrett Raff 2 Bruce Norman, Fred Gitelman, Sheri Winestock, Geoff Hampson
1992 Otto Rothenberg, Richard Baumer, Arthur Haley, Bert Kulic Nielih Cheng, Peter Kalat, Jeffery Allen, Carlos Munoz, Lp. P. Calahan, Bruce Platt
1993 6 Eric Greco, Philip Greco, Kefu Xu, Harry Zhou, David Better Jack Jessop, Morrie Kleinplatz, Barry Onslow, Elaine Morrison
1994 Larry Crevier, Sylvain Descoteaux, Marc-Andre Fourcaudot, Frederic Pollack 2 Glen Holman, Eric Sutherland, Darren Wolpert, Hazel Wolpert
1995 Larry Crevier, Frederic Pollack, Sylvain Descoteaux, Marc-Andre Fourcaudot 2 Darren Wolpert, Hazel Wolpert, Gordon Brown, Sam Yoga
1996 20 David Green, Edward Lee, Chien Huang, Robert Johnson David Walker, Roberts Moore, Jim Hawkins, Geoffrey Mallette
1997 Harold Jordan, Sigridur Kristjansdottir, Andy Kaufman, Greg Burch Steve Albin, Elaine Pittius, Julia Ehlers, Mike McNamara
1998 Robert Latulippe, Rene Pelletier, Jocelyn Bernier, Richard Wildi, Jacques Carel, Herve Chatagnier 6 Richard Wegman, Kefu Xu, Yi Zhong, Weizhong Bao
1999 Henry Caspar, Tom Buttle, Claude King, Ringo Chung, Helen DeWild, Vinay Sarin Dennis Thompson, Steve Albin, David Liss, Jack Brauner
2000 Michael Moffatt, Tai Eng, Insa Fricker, Gilbert Lambert John Turner, Ralph Russo, Mark de Garcia, David Shipman
From 2001 "B" is the third of four flights rather than second of two.
2001 Gary Moore, Chris Lubesnik, Kevin Bathurst, Lisa Liberati, Randolph Hammock, Ari Greenberg 12 Michael Alioto, Robert Cappelli, Frank Sensoli, Deborah DeWitt
2002 15 Gary McDole, Fred Dischman, Chad Fisher, Larry Weatherholt 4 Barry Cohen, Nick Straguzzi, Bill Grosnick, Everett Young
2003 6 Hailong Ao, Jian-Jian Wang, Huailin Chen, Yi Zhong 1 Ovidiu Stanica, Rick Soderstrom, Jack Brown, Ron Zambonini
2004 21 Sathya Bettadapura, Jim Leuker, Bruce Tuttle, Shelley Lapkoff, Tanakorn Lavanakul 14 Jonathan Cohen, Charles Nauen, Mark Krusemeyer, Patti Stuhlman
2005 21 Li-Chung Chen, Chuck Wong, Clark Millikan, Alex Staykov, Samuel Ieong, Tanakorn Lavanakul 8 Jim Hudson, Meyer Abarbanel, Arbha Vongsvivut, Mike Giacaman
2006 25 Bernard Schneider, Frances Schneider, Allan Wolf, Russell Friedman 5 Dan Roseberry, John Bacon, John Tscholl, Jim Overcasher
2007 21 John Barth, Jiang Chen, Mike Develin, Nongyu Li 25 Robert McCaw, Florin Constantin, Gregory Ingolia, Lewis Gamerman
2008 23 Joseph Viola, Gerard Geremia, Matt Klimesh, David Kempe 5 Dian Petrov, Michael Ryan, Donna Steffan, James Gullo
2009 11 Beve Smith, John Clark, Danny Barnett, Lamar Hamilton 23 Robert C.F. Wang, Shiu-Ming Huang, Eric Tan, Frank Shih
2010 14 Eric Hendrickson, Paul Gutterman, Andy Caranicas, Richard Lawson 15 Paul Chan, Lily Chan, Mark De Garcia, Gregory Barnes
2 Craig Macintosh, John Cook, Aleksandar Vujic, Andrew Collins, Charles Halasi, David Halasi 21 Eugene Hung, Andrew Hoskins, Steve Chen, Sarah Chen
2012 5 Michael Creager, John Bacon, Fred Yellen, Judith Padgug 3 Stephen Garreffa, David Katzen, Adam Lally, Dana Rossi
2013 11 Joseph Keim, William Gottschall, Lori Harner, Donna Moore, Douglas Millsap, Larry Jones 21 Eugene Hung, Han-Yu Chang, David Weinberg, Steve Chen, Stephen Tu, Lynn Shannon
2014 16 Jennifer Breihan, James Breihan, Mike Doyle, Daniel Jackson, Bill McCarty 20 Daniel Neill, Weiming Hu, Atul Khare, Justin Beck, Douglas Bullock, Dmitriy Myedvyedyev
2015 11 AJ Stephani, John Meinking, Darin Campo, Robert Fisk, Ryan Schultz, Peter Whipple 17 Gregory Herman, Burke Snowden, Dawn Foltz, Gregory Foltz, Mark Robertson, Richard Jacobson
2016 23 Om Chokriwala, Zheng Zhang, Jack Chang, Fredrick Upton, Nolan Chang, James Perkins 22 Ian Wilson, Gregory Thorp, Joseph Mack III, Steve Hirsch
2017 21 Jim Liu, Peter Sun, Jun Shi, Qaing Zhang, Ethan Liu 9 Grant Petersen, Zachary Wasserman, Thomas Thomson, Michael Kraut, Ching-Po Wang, Xingyu Zhang
2018 12 Bob Rasmussen, David Aderente, Wilbur Argersinger, Timur Aydin, Ching-Po Wang 9 Mark Raphaelson, Cabot Jaffee Jr, Lance Marrou, Ping Chen
2019 16 Pawel Hanus, Thomas Rush, Ari Sippola, Wes Pierce, Bill McCarty, Suvabrata Biswas 22 Dustin Stout, Xiao-Yan Gong, Harvey Jaffe, Kenny Pan
2020 Cancelled
2021 6 Rick Bingham, Ryan Connors, Tom Peters, Ernie Schuler, Adam Kind, Will Colmer 24 Stefano Merlo, Robert Forster, Christopher Moh, Jordan Lampe
Grand National Teams finalists, Flight C
Year Dist Winners Dist Runners-up
1991 Bob Fashingbauer, Kenneth Wolf, Thomas Dressing, David Marker Albert Tom, Dennis Erani, Valentin Carciu, ???????
1992 Richard Unger, Charles Morrin, Andrew Ware, Martin Wewerka J. Michael Hill, Kevin Kadmus, Carol Wisemiller, Marty Lobdale
1993 Stephen Arshan, Richard Ross, Feng Liu, Steve Pessin, George Shamy Sardarsink Gohel, Jack Shartsis, Joyce Bell, Nathan Banker
1994 Jiabin Luo, Anil Kaushal, Sundar Atre, Zheng Zhang Greg Bieber, Art Steinberg, Roman Shapiro, Betsy Wellington
1995 21 Nathaniel Thurston, Bill Chen, David Shao, Andrew Lewis 20 Jeff Jacob, Judi Hager, David Rosenstein, Yiping Wang
1996 25 Mark Edeburn, Susan Ostrowski, Dan Berlowitz, Joseph Seo Mark DeGarcia, Marcus Rodhouse, Steven Erickson, Sheng-Hung Wang
1997 Tim Barrett, Joe Grue, Joe Barrett, Chengwei Lee, Tom Monikowski Curtis Ruder, Atul Rai, Dennis Affholter, Jonathan Davidson
1998 Jerzy Jelen, Marek Dalecki, Ted Ryll, Romuald Mindak, Wieslaw Kalita, Zbigniew Muszynski Ed Williams, Kurt Dasher, Thomas Reband, Bill Gliesman
1999 Dave Hemmer, Jon Kurasch, Robert Alps, Roger Solomon Bruce Scott, Tom Allen, Paul Hazzard, Jim Boardman
2000 Zbigniew Musznyski, Marian Kowalewski, Pavel Boruta, Robert Boruta, Michael Omielski, Eugenisz Babiarz 25 Barry Margolin, Suresh Adina, Leo Zelevinsky, Otis Bricker
From 2001 "C" is the lowest of four flights rather than three, but with little change in definition.
2001 Mark MacKenzie, Ron Sloan, Deen Hergott, David Gordon David Ruppert, Michael Pearlman, Dan Moore, Walter Mitnick
2002 21 Stephen Tu, Steve Chen, Shih-Ming Shih, Paul Cornelius, Rajeev Gupta 20 Rohan Coelho, Todd Zimnoch, Ralph Henderson, Maurice Henderson
2003 20 Rohan Coelho, Ralph Henderson, Danny McGurl, David Castles 13 Tadeusz Szych, Jerzy Jelen, Wlodzimierz Lopalewski, Klaudsiusz Warbinski, Mike Potoczak, Lech Brzozowski
2004 12 Grigoriy Blekherman, Amy Kiefer, David Harty, Han Peters 24 Ryan Connors, Mark Dean, Daniel Wilderman, Helena McGahagan
2005 2 Bob Defreyne, Milt Payne, Paul Beischlag, Reginald Smith 14 Andy Caranicas, Jeremy Martin, Daniel Barrett, Shela Kim
2006 19 Kam Tang, Samuel Lai, Tao Feng, Jack Lee 20 Ivan Jen, Veronica Mathis, John Cissel, Daniel Rothwell
2007 16 George Keiller, Don Morgan, John Heath, Alan Dennis 19 Long Xie, Roy Li, Kai Zhou, Baixiang Liu
2008 8 Thomas O'Reilly-Pol, Debbie Romero, Jonathan Goldberg, Sandy Bigg 23 Lenard Lakofka, Alan Flower, Kevin Lane, Aaron Craig
2009 12 Brian Wyman, Benjamin Weiss, Max Glick, Zachary Scherr, Zachary Wasserman 16 Brett Elliott, Harry Elliott, Robert Reichek, Byron Elliott, Herbert Kalman
2010 11 Ryan Schultz, David Camillus, Ambrish Bansal, Tom Terwilliger 20 Chris Poulos, Magid Shirzadegan, Anoush Shirzadegan, Brian Breckenridge
2[1] Kaiyu Qian, Qian Ren, Fred Li, Yuan Chen, Hang Zhang, Wensong Zhen 13 Ping Hu, Meiheng Shi, Shengke Wang, Huixin Pan
2012 6 Alexander Prairie, Sylvia Shi, Hakan Berk, David Soukup 25 Daniel Jablonski, Emily Shen, Reid Barton, Vincent Fish
2013 23 Frederick Upton, Om Chokriwala, Yichi Zhang, Jack Chang, Nolan Chang 5 Huei Rong Chern, Sue Lan Ma, Manju Ceylony, Shakeel Ahmad
2014 21 Samuel Kuang, Kendrick Chow, Tsao-Tung Tsai, Luen-Jyh Luo 23 Nolan Chang, Jack Chang, Nima Badizadegan, Eric Chenteh Tang, Frederick Upton
2015 22 Winston Chang, Joe Albert Garcia, Ninad More, Nitin More, Kenny Pan 6 Shiang Chen, Adam Gann, Myron Goldstein, Terry Klein, Blake Schwartzbach
2016 21 Chin Huang, Min-Xiang Li, Donghui Lu, Michael Yang, Chun Chang, Frank Xie 22 Winston Chang, Wayne Gorski, Neil Nobua Agora, Kenny Pan, Joe Albert Garcia
2017 21 Max Schireson, Cadir Lee, Aravind Alwan, Olivier Chapelle, Michael Hu, Arthur Zhou 2 Li Zhang Yang, Ronald Baeker, William Ju, Roy Song, Jake Liu, Tong Chen
2018 23 Yukai Song, Yueqiang Xue, Sophia Chang, Lucy Zhang, Zu Ming Cheng 19 Jordan Tessarolo, Marc Furnemont, Janice Soutar, Ryley Breidda
2019 21 Qucheng (Roger) Gong, Jakob Karstens, Andrew Sinclair, Chris Chen 21 Michael Xu, Brandon Ge, Jonathan Yue, Wesley May, Aravind Alwan
2020 Cancelled
2021 24 Hengrui Xing, Tingran Wang, Jiaheng Hu, Yang Xu 13 Henry Shi, Li Miao, Zhiqiang Hu, Zhijing Tang

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