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Martyn Auty (born July 1951 in Yorkshire) is an English film and television producer. He attended the University of Hull and graduated in 1972. He began his career as a film critic for Time Out and the Monthly Film Bulletin.

Auty is most famous for his series producing, having worked on Heartbeat and A Touch of Frost[1] during the 1990s, however, he has also worked on a variety of other styles of programme. These include Lenny Live and Unleashed,[2] Soul Survivors and A Gentleman's Relish. The latter, which starred Billy Connolly, was made for the BBC in 2001. Auty returned to shooting a new series of A Touch of Frost in 2009.

Auty has also ventured into making motion pictures, having produced A Foreign Field (1993) and Heidi and most recently Ways to Live Forever (2010).[3]

He now lives in West London.


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