Mary of Baux-Orange

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Mary of Baux-Orange
Princess of Orange, suo jure
Noble familyHouse of Baux (by birth)
House of Châlon-Arlay
(by marriage)
Spouse(s)John III of Chalon-Arlay
IssueLouis II
FatherRaymond V of Baux
MotherJoan of Geneva

Mary of Baux-Orange (died 1417) was suo jure Princess of Orange. She was the last holder of this title from the House of Baux.


Marie was the only child and therefore the sole heiress of Raymond V of Baux and his wife, Joan of Geneva.

On 11 April 1386, she married John III, the son of Louis I, Lord of Châlon-Arlay and Margaret of Vienne. They had one son: Louis II, nicknamed Louis the Good (1390-1463)

Mary died in 1417 in Orange and was buried in L'église des Cordeliers at Lons-le-Saunier.[1] Her husband died in 1418. Louis II inherited Châlon-Arlay from his father and Baux-Orange, including the Principality of Orange, from his mother. He claimed to have also inherited the County of Geneva via his grandmother, but lost a lengthy legal battle over this claim against the House of Savoy.

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