Masters of the Maze (novel)

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Masters of the Maze
First edition cover
Author Avram Davidson
Cover artist John Schoenherr
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science Fiction
Publisher Pyramid Books
Publication date
Media type Paperback
Pages 156
OCLC 4159938

Masters of the Maze is a 1965 science fiction novel by Avram Davidson.

Plot summary[edit]

The back of the original paperback edition reads as follows:

"The Maze connects worlds and times. The secret of the Maze is known by its Masters but they decline to intervene. At various levels the Guardians thwart invasion attempts of worlds by inhabitants of other worlds. But the Chulpex, alien hive beings, try to find their way past the Guardians to attempt the colonization of a new world and an ordinary Earthman with no training has to stop them."


Davidson's novel has maintained a loyal following since its first publication, probably due to his imaginative prose style, and his clever inclusion of historically "disappeared" figures (like Ambrose Bierce and the Old Testament prophet Enoch) as characters within the narrative. It was chosen in the 1982 book The Catalog Of Cool (edited by Gene Sculatti) as one one of the "coolest sci-fi novels" ever written.

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