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Mateja Matejić (Serbian Cyrillic: Матеја Матејић; February 19, 1924 – July 27, 2018) was a Serbian-American writer, translator and anthologist, Serbian Orthodox priest, and Professor Emeritus of Slavic languages and Literatures at Ohio State University.[1]


Matejić was born in Yugoslavia, and emigrated to the United States in 1945. He graduated from the University of Michigan where he received his Ph.D.[2]

Mateja Matejić was a founder of the Hilandar Research Library scientific project at the Ohio State University in Columbus, where he taught Slavic languages since 1968. He was the first director of the Resource Center for Medieval Slavic Studies and founder and director of the publishing house Kosovo, as well as the editor of the Paths of Orthodoxy magazine. A translator and anthologist of Medieval and foreign poetry, he had also authored several books of poems and Eastern Orthodox history, two of which are acclaimed: An Anthology of Medieval Serbian Literature (as co-author) and The Holy Mount and Hilandar monastery. In September 2000 he received two awards from the Serbian Orthodox Church, the St. Sava Medal (the highest), presented to him in Ohio, and the next day a gramata from Patriarch Pavle in Belgrade.


  • Na stazama izbeglickim: srpsko pesnistvo u izbeglistvu 1945-1968 (On Exile Paths: Serbian Poetry Diaspora 1945-1968) in Serbian co-author Bor. M. Karapandzic (1969)
  • A Brief History of the Russian Orthodox Church in English
  • Biography of Saint Sava in English (1976)
  • An Anthology of Medieval Serbian Literature in English co-author Dragan Milivojevic (1978)
  • The Holy Mount and Hilandar Monastery in English (1983)
  • Relationship between the Russian and the Serbian Churches through the centuries in English {1988]
  • Kosovo and Vidovdan After Six Hundred Years in English (1992)
  • Troubles in Chiiandar in Serbian (1994)
  • Scriptural instructions for Christian life in English (1997)
  • Hilandar manuscript / Hilandarski rukopis in English and Serbian (1998)
  • Remaining Unchanged in Serbian (1998)
  • The oldest Christian liturgy in English (1999)
  • A festschrift for Leon Twarog in English co-editor Irene Masing-Delic (2001)

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