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Mathilde Madden, pen name of Mathilda Gregory, is a British erotica author and Guardian journalist.[1] Her novel Equal Opportunities is about a female sadist who sexually dominates a man left wheelchair bound after an accident. Her other novels include Mad About the Boy, about women paying men for sex and Peep Show, about a female voyeur who likes to spy on gay men. On writing erotica, Madden says, "if you write erotica, you end up with your own tailor-made fun. My own work, because I’ve written it, touches every one of my hot buttons." [2] She currently lives in Brighton.,[3] and has two children.[4]

Her book The Silver Crown was subjected to legal scrutiny when California prison withheld a copy of it from an inmate on grounds that the book was "erotica" and contained "descriptions of explicit sexual conduct." In May 2013, an appeals court affirmed the prisoner's right to read the book.[5][6]


Paranormal urban fantasy novels:

  • The Silver Collar (2007)
  • The Silver Crown (2007)
  • The Silver Cage (2008)

Erotica novels:

  • Peep Show (2005)
  • Mad About the Boy (2005)
  • Equal Opportunities (2006; Erotic Award-winner)

Additionally, Madden has written short stories and novellas for several other Black Lace publications, as well as a Doctor Who audio drama for Short Trips - Volume 3.

Madden also co-authored the campaign blog "Erotica Cover Watch," which aimed to see more men on the covers of erotica marketed to a female audience.[7]


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