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Matotoka is located in Sierra Leone
Location in Sierra Leone
Coordinates: 08°39′36″N 11°51′36″W / 8.66000°N 11.86000°W / 8.66000; -11.86000Coordinates: 08°39′36″N 11°51′36″W / 8.66000°N 11.86000°W / 8.66000; -11.86000
Country Flag of Sierra Leone.svg Sierra Leone
Province Northern Province
District Tonkolili District
Time zone GMT (UTC-5)

Matotoka is a town in Tane Chiefdom, Tonkolili District in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone.[1]

Matotoka lies approximately 165 miles east of Freetown, on the highway linking Makeni to Kono District, and marks the point where the highway deteriorates to a rough track for the last 74 miles to Koidutown-Sefadu. [2] There are plans to improve this road with the help of a large grant from the African Development Bank.[3] A loan has been signed for the work as far as Yiye (a waterway at 8° 31' 00" N; 11° 21' 00" W).[4]


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