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Matt Patrick (born June 15, 1974, Minneapolis, Minnesota) is a record producer, studio owner, engineer, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He grew up in the small community of North Branch, Minnesota, about an hour north of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Early on Patrick learned how to play piano, electric, acoustic and bass guitars and sing. After high school he began learning other instruments such as mandolin, accordion, dobro, pedal steel, Hammond organ, and various electronic synthesizers.

Patrick was the bass player and co-songwriter for the band pegtop (1995–2002) and also gave the group their distinct vocal harmonies. Patrick recorded five albums with pegtop, producing the latest two studio albums (Run, Run and The Counting Tree).

In 2002, Patrick recorded his first solo CD, titled Change, in several studios in the Twin Cities, including his basement studio, then enlisted Tom Herbers to mix. Some of the musicians on this album were Adam Levy (The Honeydogs), Randy Broughten (Gear Daddies, Trailer Trash, Cactus Blossoms) on pedal steel, Jeremy Ylvisaker, Bruce Balgaard, Brian Mangum and Chris DeWan, who were regular members of his band at that time. His album received very favorable reviews from national and international press.

2005 brought the release of his second album, Time Flies, which he recorded and mixed entirely in his home studio. In an attempt to search for sonically unique recordings, Patrick stumbled upon the works of Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, and joined their quest for subtlety and beauty in the process of ambient recording. Brian A. Smith from the online publication Phantom Tollbooth gave Time Flies a rating of 4½ out of 5.

Alongside his own original material, Patrick has co-written songs with numerous people and has appeared as a guest musician on two Sara Groves albums (All Right Here and The Other Side of Something).

In 2005, Patrick moved to Bratislava, Slovakia to spend a year teaching English and music. Immediately following his return to the U.S., he started his first commercial recording studio, called Two Pillars. After a year and a half there he upgraded his studio to a much larger commercial space in the arts district of Northeast Minneapolis. He named the studio "The Library,[1]" as it has several thousand books that line the walls of each tracking room.

He also plays electric guitar in the band Greycoats. Various songs have been featured on several television shows including Orange is the New Black, Teen Mom, Gossip Girl, and 16 and Pregnant. Patrick has produced, engineered, mixed, and played various instruments on all three albums for Greycoats: Setting Fire to the Great Unknown (2009), World of Tomorrow (2013), Adrift (2015) and "Charisma" (2018). He is the electric guitarist for the band Fathom Lane, and also produced and mixed their 2017 release, Asilomar. The listeners of Twin Cities radio station 89.3 The Current voted Fathom Lane's song Fingers and Toes the number one local song in their Top 89 of 2017.


Currently, Patrick is a full-time record producer at his recording studio, the Library, in northeast Minneapolis. Some of the artists who have recorded there include Jeremy Messersmith, John Mark Nelson, Jeremy Ylvisaker with "Guitar Party," and Red House Records artists The Pines.

He has been nominated for best record producer for the Independent Music Awards in 2015 for Jourdan Myers "Ruin Me With Love," 2016 for Greycoats "Adrift," and in 2017 for Vicky Emerson "Wake Me When The Wind Dies Down."

Artist Year released Album Producer Engineer Mixer Musician
The Jolly Pops 2019 Bad Bad Dinosaur
Jillian Rae 2019 I Can't Be The One You Want Me To Be
Ami Andersen 2019 Wayfaring
Sam Cassidy 2019 Running Blind
Louis & Dan 2019 and the Invisible Band
Fathom Lane 2019 The Lookout (single)
The Minor Fall 2018 Candle Bright
Lynn O'Brien 2018 Rising
Ponderosa 2018 Ponderosa
Larry Long 2018 Slow Night
Greycoats 2018 Charisma
JØUR 2018 Chiaroscuro
Fathom Lane 2018 Laurelee (single)
Cory Wong 2018 The Optimist
Jillian Rae 2018 Medication (single)
JØUR 2018 Black Hole (single)
Rachel Kurtz 2018 Love, Rachel Kurtz
Interlake 2018 Waiting For The Ocean
Ben Rosenbush and The Brighton 2018 Disparate Spheres
JØUR 2018 American Nightmare (single)
The Jolly Pops 2018 We Are Happy Dads
Fathom Lane 2018 The Queen Of All Hearts (single)
Luke Spehar 2018 The Pilgrim
When We Land 2018 Introvert's Plight
The Fold 2017 From the Dust
Interlake 2017 The City Without You
JØUR 2017 Danger Game (single)
Jillian Rae 2017 When Doves Cry (single)
Sarah Monson 2017 The Apple Tree
Greycoats 2017 Hypersleep
Fathom Lane 2017 Asilomar
Matt Hannah 2016 Dreamland
Aly Aleigha 2016 The Labyrinth
Holly Henry 2016 King Paten
Karen Choi 2016 Through Our Veins
Vicky Emerson 2016 Wake Me When The Wind Dies Down
Preston Gunderson 2016 Face Yourself, Then The World
Brian Lenz 2016 Short Stories
The Paper Days 2016 Falling Is Easy
Sarah Kallies 2016 North
Eyedea 2015 The Many Faces of Mikey ♦ (3 tracks)
Foreign Fields 2015 What I Kept In Hiding
Greycoats 2015 Adrift
John Mark Nelson 2015 I Am Not Afraid
MaSSs 2015 How I Killed A Bear
Holly Henry 2015 The Orchard
Kara Laudon 2015 I Wasn't Made
Clementine 2015 Crooked Brain
John Mark Nelson 2014 Sings the Moon
Elizabeth Hunnicutt 2014 The Arrival
Jourdan Myers 2014 Ruin Me With Love
Jonathan Rundman 2014 Look Up
Hope Hymns 2014 Volume 2
Put Down the Muffin 2014 Charged Particles
Josh Cleveland 2014 The Root of a Man
Jake Armerding 2013 Cosmos in the Chaos
Greycoats 2013 World of Tomorrow
Vicky Emerson 2013 Dust and Echoes
Rachel Kurtz 2013 Broken and Lowdown
Ben Rosenbush and The Brighton 2012 A Wild Hunger
The New Standards 2012 Sunday Morning Coming Down
Sarah Monson 2012 Dragonflies
Brynn Andre 2012 Let It Snow
Soul Rumination 2012 Fear & Love
Deb Carlson 2012 Tresses of Green
Surrounded by Werewolves 2012 Stranger Dance
Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge 2012 I Am New
Mark Keating 2012 One in the Same
Hope Hymns 2012 Volume 1
Heatherlyn 2011 Storydwelling
The Rock 2011 Born to Die
Clocks and Clouds 2011 Life Beyond Reason
A Thousand Falls 2011 Midnight
Annie Fitzgerald 2010 In Good Time
Danielle Thrush 2010 The Waiting
Jason Gray 2010 All the Lovely Losers
Six Pack Heart Attacks 2010 Road of Love Forgotten
Norah Long 2010 View from Violet Hill
Vicky Emerson 2009 Long Ride
The Brighton 2009 self-titled
Elizabeth Hunnicutt 2009 On the Way
Brett Tyler 2009 Bittersweet
Roger Flyer 2009 Songs Hidden In Eggs
Greycoats 2009 Setting Fire to the Great Unknown
Tim Lemmens 2009 Even if
Caitlyn Smith 2007 Face Over Heels
Sarah Notley 2005 Broken Down Angel
Precious Red 2005 Closer
Jason Gray 2003 Hoping; Live Vol.1
Matt Patrick 2002 Change
Pegtop 2002 Counting Tree
Nic Johnson 2002 Weightless
Pegtop 1998 Run, Run


  • Change, 2002
  • Time Flies, 2005
  • The Rest of Right Now (Put Down the Muffin), 2005
  • Setting Fire to the Great Unknown (Greycoats), 2008
  • World of Tomorrow (Greycoats), 2013
  • Charged Particles (Put Down the Muffin), 2014
  • How I Killed A Bear (MaSSs), 2015
  • Adrift (Greycoats), 2015

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