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Matt Wilson
Nationality American
Known for Fantasy art

Matthew D. "Matt" Wilson is an artist whose work has appeared in role-playing games. He is one of the founders, the owner, and the CEO of Privateer Press.


Matt Wilson got his start in the role-playing game industry with Alderac Entertainment Group around 1995, and worked there as an artist and art director before doing art direction for Wizards of the Coast and FASA. Wilson formed Privateer Press with friend Brian Snoddy and writer Matt Staroscik to publish their own d20 books. Wilson and Snoddy produced the covers and interior art for Privateer's first adventures published in 2001.[1]

His artwork for D&D has been featured in A Darkness Gathering (1998), Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (2001), Faiths and Pantheons (2002), and Unapproachable East (2003).


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