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Mauricio Ochmann
Ochmann 1.jpg
Ochmann in 2016
Born (1977-11-16) November 16, 1977 (age 41)
Aislinn Derbez (m. 2016)

Mauricio Ochmann (born November 16, 1977) is an American actor best known for his roles in telenovelas. He also appeared in Kevin Costner's film Message in a Bottle, the TV series That's life and Latino Green. He appeared as Fabián Duque in Telemundo's Dame Chocolate. He starred as Victorino Mora in Telemundo's hit Victorinos and was the leading role in the Telemundo novela El Clon. He is also the star of "El Chema" a spin off of his character "Chema Venegas" from the hit television series "El Señor de los Cielos".

Early life[edit]

Mauricio Ochmann was born on November 16, 1977 in Washington, D. C..[1] Ochmann never knew his biological parents and during his first years of life grew up with his adoptive mother, María, and her first husband, Guillermo, who finally divorced.[2] After the separation, Mauricio and his mother moved to Mexico, where the actor's mother began a relationship with German Thomas Ochmann and lived with his brothers Thomas, Christian and Paulo.[2] Years later Mauricio moved to Los Angeles, where he studied acting in Joanne Baron Studio of Santa Monica.[2][1]


Early career (1997–2005)[edit]

From a young age, Mauricio showed interest in the performance by participating in various local activities and works, but it was at age 16 that he got his first professional opportunity on the TV show La Otra Cosa by Héctor Suárez.[2] After studying in Los Angeles he got a small role in the movie Message in a Bottle, alongside actors like Kevin Costner and Robin Wright.[2] After his first works, he returned to Mexico where actor and producer Humberto Zurita and his wife Cristian Bach give him the opportunity to star in his first telenovela with Bárbara Mori, titled Azul Tequila, which premiered in 1998.[2] The following year he is chosen by Elisa Salinas to star in the telenovela Háblame de amor with Danna García.[3] After entering in the television, decides to act in works of theaters and its first putting in scene was in "Equus" with which it obtains to several recognitions, among them the prize to "Actor Revelation in Theater" by the National Association of Theater Critics.[4][2]In 2000 he returned to Los Angeles and participated in the series produced by Diane Ruggiero, entitled That's Life.[5] At the end of this one returned to Mexico to act along to Lorena Rojas in the telenovela Como en el cine (2001), for Televisión Azteca.[5] In 2003 i participate in the telenovela Mirada de mujer, el regreso, sequel of Mirada de mujer.[5] Also he was part of the cast of productions like Ladies' Night, in 2004 on 7 mujeres, 1 homosexual y Carlos, along to Adriana Fonseca, Rogelio Guerra, Luis Felipe Tovar and Ninel Conde.[6] In 2005 he appeared in the thriller film, Ver, oír y callar, along to Luis Felipe Tovar and Paola Núñez.[5] Also, it acted in the series Amarte así, Frijolito,[5] in the character of "Ignacio"; and in the film Tres, by Carlos Valdivia.[5]

Critical success in telenovelas and films (2006–present)[edit]

Ochmann in April 2016

Among his works are the telenovelas Dame chocolate and Marina which he abandoned because of addiction problems.[7] In 2007 he participated in Victoria, in which he shared credits with Géraldine Bazán and Andrea López, among other artists; the melodrama was a remake of Señora Isabel and Mirada de mujer (1997), starring Angelica Aragón and Ari Telch.[5] Between 2010 and 2011 i starred in the telenovelas Victorinos, remake of Cuando quiero llorar no lloro and that in turn is based on the book written by the Venezuelan author Miguel Otero Silva and El sexo débil along to Itatí Cantoral. Already in 2012, he stars in her last telenovela titled Rosa diamante, along with Carla Hernández, then the following year he entered the Telemundo series, El Señor de los Cielos, where he only appeared in the final episode of the first season, in the second and third season was promoted to main protagonist. Thanks to this series he was nominated several times in the annual awards of Telemundo. But it was at the 2015 ceremony where he won the "Best Bad Boy" award. After concluding his participation in the series, Mauricio began to dedicate himself to the cinema and to participate in publicity campaigns.

In 2015 he premiered his film A la mala; this would be his first project with his current partner Aislinn Derbez. In 2016 he appeared in the American series Easy; later he returned to play Jose María "Chema" Venegas, in the series El Chema, spin-off of the series El Señor de los Cielos. Thanks to this character Mauricio has managed to be recognized in several parts of the world, receiving positive critics as well as negative, given a personage supposedly based on El Chapo.


Film roles
Year Title Roles Notes
1999 Message in a Bottle Mail Boy
2003 Ladies' Night Desflorador
2004 7 mujeres, 1 homosexual y Carlos Carlos
2015 A la mala Santiago
2017 Hazlo como hombre Raúl
Television roles
Year Title Roles Notes
1997 La cosa Mother's son
1998 Azul Tequila Santiago Berriozábal Main role; 64 episodes
1999 Háblame de amor Maximiliano Main role; 124 episodes
2000 That's Life Samuel Episode: "Pilot"
2001 Como en el cine Javier Borja / Joaquín "Joaco" Borja Main role; 245 episodes
2003 Mirada de mujer, el regreso José Chacón Recurring role
2005 Amarte así, Frijolito Ignacio "Nacho" Reyes Main role; 119 episodes
2006 Marina Ricardo Alarcón Morales #1 Main role; 168 episodes
2007 Decisiones Federico Episode: "Paraíso artificial"
2007 Dame chocolate Fabián Duque Recurring role
2007–2008 Victoria Jerónimo Ernesto Acosta Main role
2009 Victorinos Victorino Mora Main role; 152 episodes
2010 El Clon Lucas Ferrer / Diego Ferrer / Osvaldo Daniel Main role; 182 episodes
2011 El sexo débil Julián Camacho Main role; 182 episodes
2012–2013 Rosa diamante José Ignacio Altamirano Main role; 129 episodes
2012 Capadocia Iker Episode: "La paz y la espada"
2013–2015 El Señor de los Cielos José María "Chema" Venegas Guest role (season 1); main role (seasons 2–3); 190 episodes
2016 Easy Martin Episode: "Controlada"
2016–2017 El Chema José María "Chema" Venegas Main role (season 1); 84 episodes


  • El Graduado (Mexican production of The Graduate, 2004)
  • Equus (2000) as Alan
  • Sueños de Juventud as Carlos
  • Profanación
  • Medicos a Palos as Bartolome
  • La dama del alba
  • El juicio as Judge
  • Veintidós, Veintidós

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